Liberty University official invokes murderous dictators

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Jerry Fallwell jr left, but Liberty is still a cesspool of white supremacist christofascist assholes. That will never change. It’s just Bob Jones U with a better publicist.


This is the first time I’ve seen “deconstructionist” used in this manner - as a bugaboo on par with Marxism. AFAIK it’s the process that people raised in toxic religious systems use to remake their lives after they get out.


“The Left” does NOT evangelize in universities. That’s pure projection, based on the fact that’s what the right-wing does.

I only WISH leftist (or even leftish) ideas were evangelized.


The left has been “Evangelizing “ for years. Love one another; do unto others as you would have others do unto you; let he who has not sinned cast the first stone; feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the homeless, comfort the prisoner, give refuge to strangers.

You know, promoting the philosophy of some dirty middle eastern hippy communist, and not that of conservative Hate Jebus.


And Stalin knew that. Mao knew that, right? Hitler knew that. We have to get that back for conservative values.



This is an evangelistic movement… It’s indoctrination. They are proselytizing to the next generation

Why is it always projection with these bumble-nuts?

Plus what is up with this Hitler / education talking point floating around these circles this week?


As a finishing school for future Gileadians this is on brand.


I’ve run into this before in the context of face to face arguments with conservatives. They bring it up as verboten studies - that which a good conservative is forbidden to read - my theory being that the practical application of Deconstructionism is something that the strategists of the right are using to fight the culture ‘wars’ and they don’t want their followers to figure that out. (The theory touches a lot on the power of definition and our ability to reframe perspectives to change the social world). The other one that comes up in the same context (verboten to the right wing student) is the Frankfurt School, which I remember being much less interesting than Deconstructionism (i.e. harder to read).


It’s kind of how empathy works. You imagine yourself in the shoes of others. Of course if you’re a raging asshole, you imagine that everybody is a raging asshole. Anybody that ISN’T acting like a raging asshole must simply be hiding something and can’t be trusted.


Right -wingers are really pushing that Hitler dictum this week to see if they can get away with it. Not that they need to at this point. We get it, guys: you’re Nazis!


It’s part of a process of renormalisation of grotesque fascist ideology as mainstream thought. It’s the Overton Window shifting so far to the right that it falls off a cliff.


For leftist academics, the idea that there is no such thing as truth is a bracing philosophical provocation. For right-wing politicians, it is a fundamental working principle.


As we say here in Brazil

23:59 - Marxism never worked
00:00 - Marxism is taking our youngs


Aw. Reality is indoctrinating their kids?


No, it’s education.
Indoctrination is what your ilk yearns to do, as you cheerfully admit.

Accusations = Confessions.
It’s your ilk that has always done that.
Not everyone is as rabidly simple-minded & power-hungry as your intended audience.

Spewage of religious dogma is pretty much the opposite of education.
But up is down & light is dark on your planet.

Hence, the frantic push to install Charter Schools everywhere.
Plus, another its another grift to suck up those sweet, sweet public funds and
destroy public education in the process.
It’s a twofer!

Nice role models you got there, Sparky.
Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian?
I don’t think Jesus would approve…

At least you admit to being a christofascist.


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