Who invented the Kiini Bikini?


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Katherine Rosman’s story in the New York Times makes a ripping yarn of the decade’s wildest and wooliest design theft.



Oh what a tangled web we weave!




Some people would rather punish the wicked than make another million. It’s possible to bankrupt yourself with victory.


That was a fascinating read. This woman is awful for having copied without giving any credit to the original artist. Hoping she gets everything she deserves.


That top would never work for me, never.


Couldn’t care less about bikinis, but I hope the litigious parasite is sued into bankruptcy. She sounds like the type of miserable person who’s mission is to spread her misery to everyone around her.


I bet Victoria’s Secret is really pissed off after settling. Ipek Irgit better hope that they can’t come after her now.


After finishing reading a long article that was linked in a BB piece, do you ever think:
I should submit this to Boing Boing…

NAL, but if she committed proven fraud, any settlement would be void and subject to countersuit. I guess, they’d have to weigh what their recouped value would be if they sued vs. the cost of suing. And, whether the “Kiini” fad has cooled off: can they now make money issuing knockoffs?


That, my friend, is the textbook definition of a Pyrrhic victory.


I consider myself a very punny person, but that made me groan out loud. (also: nice reaction gif!)


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