Who is immigration policy for: "taxpayers," "ordinary people" or all citizens?

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If financial issues are all that really matter, then you can throw religion and morals in the trash.


At the end of the day, I suppose “the state” decides what’s in “the state’s” interest. If you want a moral state, you have to fight for it, because there’s no shortage of people fighting for the will of the money.


For me, this was quite a resonant way to phrase this issue.

It captures that, somehow, the mantle of normalcy has been claimed by a certain group of people (vis. “white working-class”), and they’ll be bloody double-damned if they’re going to share that status with anyone else.


Borders and taxes have always been for the poors.


Having found this to be incompatible with value voters, the new plan is to dig religion and morals out of the trash and instead make financial issues the religion and morals…

I’ve never heard a poor person call themselves, “A Citizen of the World!”


The stoking of immigration/foreign-labor-competition paranoia among working class and vulnerable people by the wealthy and globally connected feels like an abusive, paternalistic asshole who maintains control over their spouse through isolation, all the while gallivanting around town. Globalization of capital is as old as wooden ships, and of enormous benefit to the capital class (With the accompanying shallow promise of cheaper goods for the “lower consumer classes”). People in power in “corporations without borders” have an interest in keeping the labor forces of different countries fearing and suspicious of each other. This refocuses the anger that should be directed at the abuses of global capital at “those nonsense-speaking fuckers over there tryin’a take our jobs” and keeps them from organizing across borders. Of course there are other huge barriers to global labor solidarity, but juuuust to be sure…

This all started to bubble up for me when I thought about this yesterday when @lamanagram sent me down the linkhole of The Daily Sheeple (You Monster) and I saw a New World Order conspiracy theory for the first time in a while. It always irritates me that people spend time on imaginary, intricate, secret structures of power, when the coordinated power abusing them down is right out in the fucking open. But the relevant point here is that global power structures are and always have been inevitable, and the only true remedy is global solidarity to counter it, and protect the common interests of global vulnerable labor/society. The ongoing efforts to mentally transform Chinese factory workers and Mexican immigrants from “another person, like you an me, just trying to provide for themselves and their loved ones” into “a monster whose motivations you couldn’t imagine, hungry only for the livelihoods of others” is infuriating, not least of all because of it’s success.

The use of hatred and xenophobia to generate wealth, all covered by “well, it’s what the people want!” is the most cynical, twisted bullshit we’ve yet to invent as a species.

ETA (I know I’m not blowing any minds with brand new information here, just venting…)


And what? This is common to many countries and entirely sensible to the existing citizenry and their pre-existing obligations of citizenship.

I have. Given that it was once a popular phrase in American English with certain folks. The commonality I noticed was they didnt vote or otherwise believe in any concept of obligations of citzenship to the world or where they lived.

Russians. It’s the Russians that are coming to get you. We have always been at war with Russia.

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