Who is the most corrupt of them all? 2016's international rankings out

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We’re not the worst!
We’re not the worst!
We’re not the worst!


We’ve never been remotely in the running for ‘worst’; but we tend to be on the unpleasantly low side of countries that really ought to know better.


Lousy brown nosin’ Canada. . .


We may not be the least corrupt overall, but we are the least corrupt/km^2

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Denmark? The same Denmark doing this:


I guess that’s not technically corruption, but it doesn’t give one warm fuzzies either.


As a UKer, the only country above us that surprises me is Singapore (because I know embarrassingly little about the country) and the only one below us that surprises me is… none of them, actually…

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Yeah - that will have happened after they made this list…

Guess I should move to Greenland.

They just hate us for our freedom to be corrupt.


And high-speed pizza delivery. Don’t forget high-speed pizza delivery. You’ve got to have high-speed pizza delivery.


No, as an expat Dane there’s not a lot to be proud of these days.
This is not one of them really, just business as usual… although that’s what we said about our humanity and see how that’s going.
Would love to see a study of what this has done to our goodwill, they must rank that as well. DK is run by hard-core liberals at the moment and I can’t imagine this foolishness helps “Brand Denmark” much.

The thing that bugs me about these ‘measurements of corruption’ reports is the yardstick they use to measure. I have a hard time accepting that lobbyists aren’t a symptom of corruption, especially when many lobbyists are former elected officials. Corporate lobbyists also write many bills that become the law of the land. Not to mention the Citizens United decision and all the super-PACs. If these aren’t symptoms a broken, corrupt government what are? Just because our bribes to officials are called “campaign donations” doesn’t make them less corrupting in nature.


*gently tips hat

The more laws, and the more complex the laws, the more lobbyists, and the more direct and indirect bribes.

Completely agree. I feel like the map tells another story about which countries do a better job at disguising their corruption.

Of course I havent read one word about how they arrive at their data, Im just angry and disgruntled.

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No way, Antarcica has us beat by a mile.

Keep in mind this is not the Corruption Index; this is the Corruption Perceptions Index. Specificity is important.


This is bullshit Finland is full of good brother networks. How bad are other countries if we are number two?

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