Who knew a Power Bagel might be the answer to all your plug-in electricity needs?

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That video narrator’s accent was weird.

woo yeah, lookin’ forwards to whippin’ this baby out at the airport while waiting to get on an airplane that’s gone back to normal seating with no mask requirements, oh yeah!

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Is it really, though?

Can the shop not get those power cubes that have been around for a decade or more?

How big’s the hole in the middle? Just asking because a “power bagel” charger may be convenient if you and your partner employ a lot of electronics during fun time…


Doubles as a hemorrhoid cushion!

I’m waiting for the Power Bialy.

Very good idea. I use a power squid myself for home use.

Just how portable is the Power Bagel?

Probably less than your squid, though it is easier to spread with cream cheese.

(Seriously, the way the bagel handles adapters from other countries, especially the UK, is clever, though the ground bypass is a little dangerous. This is a more attractive feature than the power brick handling, which as you point out is easy with a small extension cord.)

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