USB battery plugs into wall for recharging

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So how can it plug into all the different kind of wall sockets around the world? Travelling means that.


Yeah I prefer to solve the local power socket problem once, so I carry a six way powerboard and a set of adapters, then my devices plug into the powerboard.


Useful when travelling in the US, except in circumstances where there is not sufficient clearance around the power socket to plug a honking great big battery into it. The power conversion gear all needs to sit inside the battery as well. So you end up with a battery that’s only 75% battery. Compromising the core purpose to make recharging easier in a very limited set of circumstances seems pretty rubbish compared to a high quality battery and a wall plug.


Here ya go! Problem solved.

Super short extension cords are great because so many gadgets use impractical “wall wart” type power supplies. I’ve actually got one in my daily work carry.


Sort of like the power squids

Those would be useful for my mess under the tv where the power bar fixes the problem by having the sockets at a different angle and the transformers fix the problem by being at a different angle resulting in a net resurgence of the original problem of enough sockets but not enough space.

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I don’t favor those, because like nearly all power strips the on/off switch isn’t usefully placed, and the squid heads are really more bulky than a simple power bar.

I make similar power octopii out of handiboxes and common US outlets and lightswitches, connected by 12/3 SOOW wire, which is monstrous 1/2" diameter highly flexible cord (I salvaged a bunch of it years ago). I put the switch out on the end of one pseudopod instead of behind the furniture.

I have a 6’ piece of plugmold back there with ten widely spaced outlets, again salvaged long ago. But yeah, that’s a perfect place for shorty extension cords!


I have a similar gadget (this 5,000 mAh Anker unit), and like it a lot. It’s a bit big for an AC adapter and bigger than a similar-capacity battery alone would be, but when the alternative is to carry a wall wart and a battery pack, it’s about the same size and just plain easier to deal with.

I have a similar but older MyCharge Hub 6000 mAh portable charger. I find the wall charging many times faster. It also has integrated Apple Lightning cable and integrated micro-USB cable, along with a USB female out too. I take this with me to the flea market to test small electronics and to charge my iPhone will out. Looks like perhaps I should get one for my wife. Thanks, MF @ BB.

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