Powersquid turns one outlet out into five with no wall-wart interference

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It would be really cool if all the gadgets reviewed on BoingBoing were available in the BoingBoing store.


small 6" extension cords can do a decent job of letting you re-use your existing power strips, if you don’t feel like buying net new- or have an application where the bulk of the PowerSquid doesn’t work as well as a flat rectangle. (Back of a media cabinet, for example.)


I love these.

I got one, put it in a nice wooden box with a lid. All the recharger wall warts go in the box, the cables come out the side. Hook up the myriad of portable devices (phones, tablets, etc) to the cable, set them on the box while they recharge. The switch is also nice to minimize the wall wart drain when not charging.

Much more of my style than a recharging station from Sharper Image.

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I get the bifurcated ones to plug low-power stuff into my UPS. Why waste a plug for just a single 10W device, when I can have two?

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You can make your own of arbitrary length with some lamp cord and quick-on ends. You don’t need three-prong for a wall wart.

Looks like something out of my worst Manga nightmares.

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