Who leaked the Panama Papers? A famous financial whistleblower says: CIA

Brilliant reasoning. See, the countries in the list are enemies of the US. Like Argentina. Yes, like the place where the new president, just after delivering a victory over the “anti-American left”, is now in deep trouble.

Or Iceland.

Or hey, the Spanish royal family is in there too. And now a cabinet member.

that is assuming that D Cameron & Co were at any time seriously committed to reforming the global financial systems. Given the company he keeps, that seems a rather optimistic assumption.

yep, like back in the days when 0.2% voted against Brezhnev &Co. Proof if ever needed that the system was democratic.

The documents were first leaked to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a moderately left-leaning regional paper in Germany. They turned to the ICIJ for help. The ICIJ may have its head offices in Washington, but it is “a global network of more than 190 investigative journalists in more than 65 countries who collaborate on in-depth investigative stories”.

I just don’t see how the CIA could possibly keep high-profile American names secret if they are in the original documents.

Also, I’d say that the European public now knows more about Delaware being a tax haven than they did before the leaks. Not good PR for the US either.

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There’s also a number of political donors, mainly to the Conservative Party, who’ve shown up in the leak.
Not that it really counts as news so much as confirms what everyone already assumed.

My guess as to the perpetrator? I’m going for a third party hacker, not an employee, just based on how many holes they had in their web facing servers. I think I could probably have got into their systems and I’m a sysadmin not a cracker.

The ice must flow!

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Maybe embarrassment caused to the British Establishment is just another case of US/UK “friendly fire”?

We’re talking about a situation where an extremely secretive law firm that specializes in hiding revenue streams to aid in tax evasion and laundering money for criminal enterprises had its dirty laundry aired by an anonymous leaker who may or may not be an inside man.

That is, we’re literally talking about a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

We don’t know all the facts, so we’re stuck theorizing. About conspiracies within conspiracies. Any opinion that anyone has on this matter is a conspiracy theory.

The takeaway? Anyone who tries to imply that these sorts of speculations are foolish conspiracy theories…are either themselves the fools, or they’re trying to fool you.

Oops! guess I should have read down a few more comments.

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Same Source? Distraction?

The Unaoil corruption story hadn’t yet garnered much public outrage when the Panama Papers data was released…

… as doctorow himself lamented just before the panama papers were released:

edit: and of course… the stories overlap:

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Then again, the CIA was never shy about letting Americans go down as collateral damage as long as it serves their idea of the “greater good.”

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But you said it much more eloquently!

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This I find plausible.
A chess move, sacrifice a knight to save your queen.


SZ is with FAZ and Welt one of the more influencial nationwide daily quality newspapers.

Thanks for the compliment, but IMO saying the same thing in fewer words is more eloquent. :wink:

Fixed it, my bad. I had mistakenly put it in the category of “read in one area, known and respected everywhere else” in my mind (I live in an “everywhere else” area myself).

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