Who was the real Stede Bonnet, The Gentleman Pirate?

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A sudden vision with insidious music appeared to him?


This guy again? (I mean Simon, not Stede)
How many channels does he have?


Huge fan of What We Do In The Shadows (movie, TV), Ragnarok, but, God help me, Our Flag Means Death is a miss: Waititi just can’t find the right balance. Eg, having Blackbeard severs his subordinate’s toe and makes him eat it. I know what they’re trying to do; they just don’t succeed.

Maybe they rushed the script out of development? It just doesn’t work. Wanted to love this show: Rhys Darby has been a hero since Conchords. All the satirical gore/violence that succeeds in WWDITS, misses here.

likely as the result of a midlife crisis

It happens to the best of us, Pirates.


Dang, I’m sad to hear that. Some of the previews and promotional material I saw made it look to me like some of the humor might not have been landing just right but I was hoping that was a matter of unfortunate editing and not reflective of the show itself. The real-life characters certainly give the potential for a great show and Waititi has done a lot of great work in the past.

Personally, I thought it was great. Just finished watching the last two episodes last night. It’s not in the same vein (no pun intended) as what we do in the shadows, but it is still very funny and has a great deal of heart. Also, super duper queer

ETA: it does take until the 4th episode to really find its footing though


My wife and I (big Shadows fans) have been watching and loving Our Flag. We don’t enjoy it as much as WWDITS, but have gotten some good laughs (and some touching moments) from it.


It’s a really different kind of show. It’s a black comedy about the ways in which men can be terrible and what that does to themselves and those around them. While it has a great deal of heart and an affection for all of the characters it acknowledges that the leads, in particular, are horribly flawed and basically toxic.

Spoilers for the finale

The first half of the last episode where Stede returns home and expects to be welcomed, pick right back up where he left off, and for Mary to give up her growth gained during his abscence was hard to watch, but it made sense and the second half turn would not have meant nearly as much without it.

I feel like the mixed tone is appropriate for what they are doing here. Now whether this discussion is appropriate here, or should move to Whatcha Watchin, is another matter


Any number of channels I give will be out of date as soon as I post it.

The only things I can guess is that in addition to ~40 youtube channels, Simon has a cloning factory, because that’s the only explanation for him being able to produce so much great content

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