Why connecting to wifi is such a pain in the phone

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Sent from my iphone, really…


So, in other words, they figured out why we get screwed on wifi, engineered a solution, but warned us that we would still be getting screwed even with the solution? This is like learning how an atom bomb works during its’ descent to the target drop zone. That you happen to be in.


I feel that if you are trying to get your phone to sign into any of a number of insecure wifi access points and don’t care which… you should be quite happy if the worst that happens is it takes a little while to connect.


You just need to update the firmware…

obligatory xkcd reference http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/wifi.png

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I never have a problem:


How is “malfunctioning captive portal” not on the list?

They’ve sure got lots of data. Too bad they don’t have the most important thing: how many networks are sharing the same WiFi channel.

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