Why country music was awful in 2013




What about Man in Black? Written in 1971.


1974 called, they want a word:

Whadda I do to make MY youtubes appear @Jardine?


…because it’s country music?


What are “white people,” Alex?


And not even a mention of Mama, prison or trains.


I will admit a fondness for tight jeans.


lol, it’s been this way for at least 3 decades! :slight_smile:



It’s been a few decades since any country music wasn’t awful.


Judging country music based on pop country is like judging science fiction movies based on the latest Star Trek. There are lots and lots of great country songs written since '69. Robbie Fulks, for instance, has written many, many great songs in the last 20 years. His latest album, released in August, has several. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


This is an unquestionably great (and seasonal!) country song.


I think it’s utterly unfair to label all country music produced in 2013 as awful, especially if you haven’t listened to all of it. Much of it was actually either atrocious, dreadful or nasty.




Who would have thought that “Make me some generic pop; but with gun racks!” wouldn’t go well?


If you think 1969 was the year of the last good country song, then you need to watch Heartworn Highways, filmed in 1975.

While Townes Van Zandt is definitely country, this song may not be, but still…


Totally wrong about all country music being awful, proof is below (and seasonal!!):


Some Neil Young would disagree,
and listen to this:

very new great old country…


I think it was Jon Langford (of “The Mekons”, “The Waco Brothers”, and sundry other bands) who described modern country music as “suburban rock with a cowboy hat on.”

Nuff said.