Why did this man pull a gun on someone else in a snack bar?


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tl;dw: silverback punches down


I don’t blame the cop, blue hood was showing all the signs.

Brazil man, kill or be killed.


Is this Brazil? They shoot people from helicopters there and have motorcycle cops shooting at suspects in high speed chases. Violation of civil liberties based on mere suspicion is probably seen as reasonable.


He did it because he was embarrassed by his pants.


Good thing that there was a “good guy with a gun” here.


Transcript of Audio

Guy in Blue Hoodie: "Man these hiccups are driving me crazy! Please, someone scare me."
Guy in White Shirt: "FREEZE OR I’LL SHOOT!"
Guy in Blue Hoodie: “That totally worked. Thanks Bro!”


I dunno the real reason, but man alive does he reach all up into his crotch and does so a few times!!!


“Agora, aproveite o seu sanduíche, dirtbag”.


Racism, racism everywhere. The guy in the hooded sweatshirt does seem darker.


cop mentality is universal …and scary


Because he asked for a salt?


Woman behaves as if her husband was just asking for directions.

Also, dude, someone just draw a gun on you. You want that sandwich that bad?


At least we can take comfort in the fact this sort of thing doesn’t happen in America!

Technically it is America. But certainly this would never happen in the USA, the black man walking away with his life I mean.

Generally a good idea to do what someone with a gun tells you to do. But yeah, not a fun time to turn your back on a blue-blood.


Well, you’d never guess, but it turns out that it’s a cop who through the guy in the hooded sweatshirt looked suspicious.

Typo, @beschizza? Not being judgey. Just trying to help.



I thought Blue Hoodie was taking White Tee’s picture with his phone a couple times.

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