Why do cosmonauts piss on a wheel of the bus transporting them to the launch pad?

I really like it, and its signature song “Vashe Blagorodye” (“Your Excellency”) instantly became one of my favorites.
Ваше благородие, госпожа удача.
Для кого ты добрая, а кому иначе.
Девять граммов в сердце, постой, не зови.
Не везет мне в смерти, повезет в любви.

Your Excellency, Lady Victory
To some you’re sweet, to others cruel
For nine grams* in the heart, I will wait but not call out
Since I haven’t met with death yet, I’ll stick around for love.

*“Nine grams” being the standard weight of a bullet; 100 grams is the standard volume of a shot glass. This has led to my (so far) only original toast: “Лучше сто граммов, чем девять” - “Better 100 grams than 9.” Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

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That is a good toast!

It was 20 years before I was born! For all I know I WAS the tire back then.

OK - I’ll let you off. If you were the tyre, you couldn’t have warned him before he left the base, on the bus.

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with the candlestick…

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