Why do cosmonauts piss on a wheel of the bus transporting them to the launch pad?


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Now that is a tradition.


Going to the bathroom right before a long trip just makes sense.


Gotta do the safety pee, even if you don’t have to go.


I read somewhere that british crews of night bombers during WWII did something similar, before going for a mission.


Opened the article looking for how female cosmonauts dealt with this tradition, was not disappointed.


There’s a common phrase from a popular song about Gagarin:

Он сказал: «Поехали!»
Он взмахнул рукой.

“He said ‘Let’s Go!’
and waved his hand.”

Naturally, Russians being who they are, there are many parody versions; my favorite is “Он сказал: «Поехали!» / и запил водой.” (He said Let’s Go! and drank a glass of water.)


Important need to know fact: Does the cup have a lid???


Putin ought to send Donald one of those tires as a goodwill gift. We all know how much Trump likes Russian pee.


Or, more likely, it’s their canine heritage.



Peeing where Yuri Gagarin did before his first flight definitely sounds like a better tradition than peeing where Alan Shepard did before his.


Notice the “P” in “CCCP”. Proves the point.


Another tradition (since the early 1970ies) is watching this film pre-flight:


Now you’ve opened up the whole complicated question of trans people, now the space program will be set back by 10 years of lawyers arguing.


Its a good film. A Russian Ostern (Eastern). A “Western” type story taking place in the wilds of Central Asia.

I recommend it to anyone who is interested in how other countries do action films.


Yup. Fun to watch.



A very interesting read. He goes into his experiences launching and working with the Russians, as well as what living in space is like.


Well it’s all very well telling Yuri that NOW. Where were you before he got on the bus?