Great moments in space history: farting on the moon


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Take it away, Sting!


And they say that rippling flag is evidence of a hoax?


To inflatulence and beyond!


Shoulda stuck to Tang.


Space gives me the wind something fierce.


“Houston, we have a prob…” BRAAAAAAPP!!


From The Realist, October 1972:


It’s caused by reduced air pressure. Every climber knows about it. Apparently there have been studies that say it relates to diffusion of carbon dioxide out of the bloodstream, rather than the simple application of Boyle’s Law that you might imagine. In any case, everyone gets flatulent a few hours after arriving at high alt-itoots.


Strange. You’d think in all the pre-launch prep that it would make sense to start the astronauts off well in advance on the same diet they’d be having in space, so as to avoid any surprises. (Didn’t they keep that one fellow off Apollo 13 because of the remote possibility that he might come down with German measles in orbit?)


I would have guessed he was lactose intolerant and ate some of that “astronaut ice cream” but apparently that’s a myth, NASA never supplied the missions with freeze-dried ice cream.


video is now listed as “private” : (




Now you inow why he was called “Buzz” Aldrin.


I regret I only have one like to give to this comment.


The landlord shut my heat off today, but whitey’s fartin’ on the moon.


It should be blowing the other direction, though.


Hey @boingboing , this one works.

“Well how long we had that?”

Hot mics are great fun.


Another hot mike catches some locker room banter amongst the boys.


“Ripley, is that you?”
“He who smelt it dealt it Dallas.”

In space no one can hear you fart…