Why I like my Martian Fink ring

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I’d have to give some thought to whether I have such a talisman.

But that little box . . . it reminds me of that “Oh God, Please Keep Me From Crying” scene in Amelie where the title character arranges to return a box of childhood treasures to a depressed old divorced guy.

Oh . . . thank you YouTube.


This piece perfectly encapsulates that ‘big bro mojo’ feeling! So much that I’m feeling it right now.

Thanks for the refreshed memories!

[quote]I bought mine on eBay 15 years ago, and keep it in a box in my bed table drawer.[/quote]eBay’s great that way, isn’t it? I wonder how difficult it was to find. (A search for “martian fink ring” is surely unlikely to do the trick.)

I hold out hope that I might yet come across one particular variant of a Hallmark Snoopy plushie/beanie.

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