Why identifying Satoshi Nakamoto is important


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Sorry, not buying it. The lines of argument have the feel of justifications for the obsessive need to solve this particular mystery.

At the end of the day, knowing for certain who he is won’t solve any problems, except maybe for the tax people. Knowing who’s got all those bitcoins doesn’t change the fact that they’ve got them and can sell them at any time. It won’t lead to a better solution to the argument over the future of the code, it’d just add some cult-of-personality to an argument that should be limited entirely to the merits of the positions, rather than the star-power of the people who support them.


One side in the dispute wants to change the bitcoin code, increasing the
block size to allow the system to process transactions more quickly.
The other side sees this as a betrayal of the integrity of the original
code, arguing that a change would lead to more centralization in the
system (the greatest sin for a bitcoin believer) and consequent

God enjoys schisms so much, he apparently built them into all faiths.


I am Satoshi Nakamoto.


I am Satoshi Nakamoto.


I am Hiro Nakamura.


Prove it.


I am Hiro Hamada.


I just posted a news article from the future, and I went back in time and did so before you asked me to prove my identity!


I am Hiro Protagonist.

Wait, what are we doing?


I am Spartacus.


I am Nakatomi Plaza


I am not an animal.

I am a freewheeling bicycle.


Satoshi holds an awful lot of bitcoins, which he has never spent. That’s relevant…


I was Satoshi Nakamoto.


It doesn’t matter who invented Bitcoin because of its decentralized nature? So if the NSA was behind it, it wouldn’t affect its use and adoption? From a simple curiosity angle: The Universe is a highly decentralized structure / system but I am curious to who/what its creator is (if any at all) and why. Bitcoin’s existence was caused by one or more individuals - and knowing who and more importantly why would be an a priori to its use and more importantly block chain use cases. Always remember to never forget s-box mods by the NSA in DES. Printed money provides far more anonymity than decentralized ledgers.


Adrian Chen disagrees

Funny, but I have never verified the “identity” of Adrian Chen either.

Bitcoin goes only part way towards being a decentralized currency. It’s great that it doesn’t matter who created it, but the more significant factor is that it doesn’t matter how much of the currency anybody has. This is the simple conceptual hitch where people stumble from intelligent use of money - the instinct to frame it as a personal problem.


America renames bitcoin creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” - Budweiser!


or we could just ask Nick Szabo


I’m not Satoshi Nakamoto, but I’m friends with her.