Craig Wright says he can prove he is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto


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Just saw this on a news update on the telly; Rob beat me like five minutes.


It probably is him, but it really doesn’t mater at this point.


but eyes roll



…decided he was probably running a long con to get people to think he was the brain behind bitcoin.

My newest theory is once he was “outed”, the real Satoshi Nakamoto paid Mr. Wrighta tidy sum to keep people thinking he was the bitcoin inventor. Small price to pay for privacy.



im not sure what game really nor how it will change but surely one will somewhere somewhow


“What’s bit coin?” - Most of the World


Vires in numeris? Men in numbers? Shouldn’t that maybe be Veritas in numeris?


Wait, isn’t the whole miracle of the blockchain that it creates an inafallible, incorruptable record of events? Block-chain inventor, block-chain thyself…


So, he’s publicly worth $450,000,000 now. Based on my understanding derived from old Gregory Peck movies, he won’t actually have to spend any of it in order to get decked in finery, eat slap up meals and stay at the best hotels, so long as people just believe he’s Nakamoto.


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Is he bragging…or confessing?


I am Satoshi Nakamoto, and so is my CTO!


Given the sorts of things that bitcoin has been used for, if he had any conscience, he’d be pulling an Alfred “Merchant Of Death Is Dead” Nobel moment and donating his ill-gotten gains to the world he’s harmed.

Oh, who am I kidding? He who dies with the most toys, afterall.


Men would be viri; here vires is the plural of vis, meaning strength.


I knew that! I knew that! I was… um… testing! Good job, you passed!


I am Satoshi Nakamoto!

…oh, are we not doing a Spartacus thing? nvm



I’d bet a few satoshi’s that it’s him, but not like a full coin!


“It’s like money made out of math, except that hardly anybody accepts it!”

(Populace collectively resumes hoarding old aluminum cans)