Evidence against Craig Wright being Bitcoin creator


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Isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto actually an AI funding its global takeover? I’m disappointed.


No, I am Spartacus!


It’s not only funding its global takeover.

Just think of what a rogue AI could do with all of those CPU cycles devoted to Bitcoin “mining.”

If even 1% of that power was diverted from the cryptographic activities the program claims to be performing…

ETA: Just to be clear, this is a joke. I do not think that this is actually happening, and that the AIs are really on the verge of taking over. And if they are, then I welcome them, and pledge obedience to our new robot overlords.
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So did Seth Green invent Napster or not?


I have to say, this whole thing is pretty fun, because it reads exactly like a Neal Stephenson novel. The airplanes and new-in-box laptops and the question of how this cryptographic “magic trick” was pulled off, the mathematicians arguing about what constitutes proof, and the spectre of the three billion dollar “Genesis block” hanging over everything.


I have just one question: who cares? I don’t really understand why everyone’s so bothered by all this :confused:


Kill him! Spare me!


To narrow down the field in search of suspects. I promise I did not create a single Bitcoin.


shame on you, Boing Boing, for not buying your stock photography


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It’s the tech industry equivalent of obsessing over who Jennifer Lopez is/isn’t dating.




If Nakamoto and Wright were the same guy, and wanted to reveal it, wouldn’t it be easiest for the Nakamoto identity to come out and say it? Or am I missing something here?


Too late.


We are probably all the same person.


Add in Boltzmann’s universal random fluctuations after the heat death of the universe and you have a mighty tearful onion to peel.


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