Why Impact is the "meme font"

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The post has an error in the link. Here’s the correct version: http://www.vox.com/2015/7/26/9036993/meme-font-impact


A friend of mine recently sent out a meme that included a few words some people consider offensive. He asked if anyone could provide him with a “clean” version. I said, “Use MS Paint and make it yourself. Who says all memes have to use the same font?”

He never did share his version with me if he made one. He probably thinks I’d find the cleanliness offensive.


Thank you!

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I used to make political posters, before “memes” were really a thing, and I used Impact all the time. It’s just a good font for titles.


Memes have always existed

They’ve just been waiting in a mountain

For the right moment

Listening to the irritating noises

Of dinosaurs and people

Dabbling outside


technically, a “font” is a specific version and size of a typeface, like when it’s italicized or in bold

Not necessarily. A font is an implementation, physical or digital, of a typeface. If you’re doing movable-type printing, your font will indeed dictate size, slope and weight; if you’re doing word-processing, your font may not (especially for cheap and free fonts), and your word processor will dynamically apply the desired effects (often with mixed results).

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Your post made me violently happy.


Inspirational revolutionary ones? Or “Vote Dave Kovic for Councilman”?

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Useful to know. I’ve been wondering why my attempts at creating memey gifs turned out so poorly.

I don’t usually use Impact, myself. Memes deserve better type and typography, and “by the time anyone had a choice” is rubbish. I assumed it was because many use websites with no options instead of graphics programs.

Memes are disposable and occasionally amusing garbage and do not “deserve” any such effort. Consider them mandaLOLs.

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The former, mostly. Well, they were supposed to be “inspirational”, but I can only remember one time anyone mentioned seeing one of the posters I’d made before coming to a meeting.

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