Why is climate change and lgbt gone from whitehouse site?


Could claim a lot of reasons but removal requires more effort than leaving it there. Did… They think nobodybwould notice, or did they know exactly the sort of message this would send?


Supposedly most of the site has been wiped to make way for the new Trump version. Looked at this way, climate change and lgbt weren’t deliberately targeted. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t come back.


Because they aren’t as profitable as OPPRESSION! They think it’s more entertaining to get common people to try to work themselves to death in vain hopes of earning their emancipation from a dragnet economy of torture and despair.


I want to hope it is something that simple. No tinfoil. No agenda. Just ‘oops’

But I fear you are right on them not putting it back up.


Those issues aren’t on their agenda, so they likely won’t get a page. I think the way it’s worked is that each administration has created the page that reflects their agenda.

I do think Obama’s white house page is archived somewhere on the white house page (I seem to remember someone saying).


Well, not in a good way, anyhow… :slightly_frowning_face:


Of course. But I think that rolling back equal rights for LBGQT Americans is on Pence’s agenda, and I’m not sure Trump himself cares.


Yeah I have a bad feeling we will see some references but they will be worse that saying nothing at all.


Entirely. It’s a holy war for pence and a useful tool for trump.


It will just be a link to this tweet:


Indeed. But it’s less likely to be on his agenda. That being said, we don’t know how much of his agenda will get done vs. how much of the radical GOPs agenda will get done.

I still don’t feel like I have a grip on whether he’s a useful tool for the radical GOP or if he’s using the GOP as his tool. Either way, this next 4 years will be rough, especially for what are going to be vulnerable communities.


Nothing on climate change or lgbt issues, but they at least took the time to plug Melania’s jewelry line on whitehouse.gov.




The site is a skeleton right now as they add content. I fully expect them to add an LGBT section pronto now that this has been picked up by the media; it’ll say something generic like “The Donald J. Trump administration has been called ‘the most pro-LGBT presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party’ by the Log Cabin Republicans, and has several prominent gay men in senior advisory positions. The Administration supports the power of the states to support the rights of LGBT people nationwide.”


That’s an incredibly low bar to meet, unfortunately.


Yup. Trump can do absolutely nothing at all to help LGBT rights, ignoring them completely, and he’ll still be more “pro” than his GOP predecessors.


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