LGBTQ page disappears from White House website


I need someone to tell me it gets better…


Not taking them long to rewrite history is it?


But all the pages are gone- it’s an entirely new site. Which is what happens when a new president comes in.
Obama’s pages are here:

Obviously, I’m super unhappy about Trump and what he might do- it’s that this isn’t it. Yet.


Trump White House sign up page. Yipee! Give Trump your email address and perhaps other info. Go for it!


Great minds @Mister_Eppy, I had the same basic thought!


It does, when we make it better. Do what you can in your corner of the world to help yourself and others get through this time. Find a support network and be that for others.


Easy-peasy when you don’t see history as anything more than a political prop to justify the present.


“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”

-Milan Kundera


Hmmm…that’s fair, I hadn’t noticed that. Wanna place a bet that the page continues to be MIA?


While I would expect a redesign, that doesn’t explain removal of entire sections.

The former LGBTQ page was at There’s nothing there now.

That either means that any future content wouldn’t be at that logical web address or that they simply didn’t get around to putting the content for that section together yet. Either way, it’s terrible optics during a transition.


I find it strange too.
But, as has been posted elsewhere, there almost nothing at the new site. There isn’t even a real news section, yet.
I’m not hopeful that page will ever be back, but it seems a stretch to call it a meaningful deletion when everything else has been deleted, too.


Just thinking the same thing and trying to remember which book it was in that Kundera talked about working as an astrologer. His advice was quietly sought by a government official leaving Kundera to wonder how many decisions his “astrology” influenced.


here’s the new page for you!!

I thought this was a fake image, but it seems to be from an actual “Christian” website.


Why would you assume that his webmaster will be any more accomplished or knowledgeable than his cabinet picks? What’s the youngest kid’s name? They probably gave him the root password and turned him loose on it.


have you tried hffp://

We’re supposed to be putting that first, maybe this is what he meant?


“Please provide your email address and who you voted for so we can better assist you.”


The illustration:



Mandatory brunch? Golden Girls Reboot?


Oh god, you’re likely completely right. I mean, we already know the youngest spawn is good at cyber.
I think it’s a totally shitty way to manage a transition- why would you remove something until you have a reasonable replacement- you know, like Obamacare.