Why is it so hard to separate art from the artist?

Could you phrase this is a less condescending way? It’s a concept that precedes and transcends neoliberalism, anyway.


Neoliberalism (as exposed by the thisser, a certain James Buchanan) is the reduction of politics to consumer choice.

…and spending your money with people you like/agree with/identify with is a practice that preceded the concept by centuries, if not millennia.


Ideally, that would be part of the CoC; it would go a long way if more folks thought about how they come across to others when they comment.


Yes, and my doctor too. There are too many examples of TER malpractice towards trans people to not have that rule.


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Yeah it’s part of their bigotry, with how they deal with the cognitive dissonance reality creates with the collision with their bigotry “Oh they, they are not like the others, one of the good ones”.

Also the “correct” readings of lovecrafts works, xenophobia and the fear of the unkown, the “other” is very much at the core of his works. His racism and xenophobia is part of what created the works, I mean the “horrible truth twist” revealed at the end of one of his stories is that the woman/witch/monster in question was a white-passing black person…

The “nuanced” view of Clapton? I mean he, his actions and views were a big reason for what prompted the creation of the whole “Rock against Racism” movement back in the day:

When I read about Eric Clapton’s Birmingham concert when he urged support for Enoch Powell, I nearly puked. What’s going on, Eric? You’ve got a touch of brain damage. So you’re going to stand for MP and you think we’re being colonised by black people. Come on… you’ve been taking too much of that Daily Express stuff, you know you can’t handle it. Own up. Half your music is black. You’re rock music’s biggest colonist. You’re a good musician but where would you be without the blues and R&B? You’ve got to fight the racist poison, otherwise you degenerate into the sewer with the rats and all the money men who ripped off rock culture with their chequebooks and plastic crap. Rock was and still can be a real progressive culture, not a package mail-order stick-on nightmare of mediocre garbage. Keep the faith, black and white unite and fight. We want to organise a rank-and-file movement against the racist poison in rock music – we urge support – all those interested please write to:

Box M, 8 Cotton Gardens, London E2 8DN

P. S. “Who shot the Sheriff”, Eric? It sure as hell wasn’t you!

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The Louis CK thing is something I often think about. his comedy relied on the fact that although he said awful things you believed that he was embarrassed by the things he was admitting about himself and that deep down he was a good guy. When you find out that he engaged in real life activity that was abusive and that he seemingly was unapologetic for, it changes how you view the earlier work. his pretense of embarrassment comes across as insincere now. I hear his older standup and think “oh crap he actually believes what he is saying”.

this video is really spot on about that: how the viewer brings meaning to the work that can’t be dismissed. You can choose to separate the art from the artist in these situations but you can’t deny now that it is a choice and maybe that says something about you as a viewer… not necessarily but maybe.


Maybe not entirely but like if I found out a house used to be a slave plantation it would feel disgusting to me to have my wedding there. If I found out my dentist was a sex offender I wouldn’t want them touching my face. It really depends on the situation and how extreme it is but yeah people’s behaviors do influence how I want to interact with their businesses or the stuff they have made.


Gill Sans has always been owned by Monotype, Gill was paid his commission but no further fees. I understand the ick factor, you might prefer Jeremy Tankard’s Bliss as an alternative.


I am reminded of Richard Wagner and his apologists claiming he wasn’t a flaming antisemite because he was friends with Jewish conductors. It’s the same bullshit.

Wagner is a prime example of garbage person who did two things right: self promotion and, um, oh yeah, writing operas. And even there, a lot of his fame is due to self promotion and his family’s relentless pushing of his sanctity as a genius. The same family that helped create Hitler with sugar daddy financing at the beginning.

Wagner is easy to avoid enriching now that it’s all public domain, but the cult is still there, and when I lived in Bayreuth the apologists would be out in full force. And so he is my poster boy for garbage person.


Re: Art vs Artist as well as when heroes fall.

Coincidentally I saw an ad for this documentary out soon.


So I have to admit, I’m somewhat conflicted about how good that documentary will be, and am concerned that it’s result will be tainted by the fact that CBS still owns the rights to almost all of the Cosby Show and all its spinoffs. ViacomCBS , through ShowTime, has a vested interest to say “Yeah, it’s actually okay to still watch Cosby.”

I’m curious as to whether Viacom-CBS was in a position to supply copyrighted footage to a Showtime documentary.

(A guide said that Amazon had the streaming rights, but they look to be unavailable.)

Same parent company, and they probably reserved the rights to the cosby show whenever they sell limited licenses of the rights.

The other day, in another thread, I posted an article by W. Kamau Bell, the director of the documentary:

And @Faffenreffer then brought it over to this thread:

Worth reading.



When I was younger and I heard obvious bigots talk about “exceptions”, it gave me hope that some of the humanity and value of the targeted minority was shining through, and there might a change in views.

Later, I learned that the opposite was happening: any signs of humanity and value were being labelled “freak events”, “departures from the norm” and excluded from the data pool, never to be considered again. I learned that “Oh, there are exceptions” means “I have no plans to let reality change my mind.”


AV Club reviewed it today…


You got it.

I also speak from personal experience:

I’m Biracial, and my White maternal grandmother was prejudiced against Black folks. But she loved me and my siblings dearly.

It wasn’t until later when I was a teen, that I realized that love had NOT made her ‘get past’ her bigotry; it was simply that she had made special exceptions for us, her “Mixed” grandkids.


That was a hard reality to come to terms with at the time.

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