Why is there so little research on animal vaginas?



What's your favorite myth?



Similarly, there are few members of congress texting photos of their vaginas…


About to say, there’s a lot of “citizen science” going on in Arkansas…


Did they actually study those penises, or just look at them?


Even when you adjust for the (grossly out of sync with population) lower % of female congress-critters (you have no idea how hard it was not to say “members”) it is a weirdly small number, right?


In college he studied animal husbandry - until he got caught.

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Penises are funny. Simple.


if 49% of genitalia studies focused on penises, wouldn’t the other 51% focus on vaginas?


FTA: 44% looked at both.


Simple. They are easier to lop off and keep in a jar of alcohol.


I was really amazed to hear a cloaca joke on late night tv the other day.


I was going to say that vaginas are harder, but that doesn’t sound quite right.


Its the dentata. Gives the researchers nightmares.


Aren’t vaginas strictly in the domain of mammals? In bird species that use external male genitals, the female still has a single cloaca for everything, right? Bedbugs have terrifying spikes that they just jab into their partners.

Marsupials are doing something really interesting with their female parts though. Male seahorses are the only other animals I can think of doing something like that, but it’s probably because I haven’t spent enough time around insects and frogs that carry eggs on their backs.

Stories I hear about mammalian sex mechanics discoveries sometimes make me wonder why they didn’t happen 70 years ago.


I bet there’d be lots of volunteers to help with the research if it wasn’t for the biting / slashing / trampeling risks inherent in the effort.

A few years back I read an article about captive breeding of Mexican timber wolves. Part of the challenge of artificial insemination is figuring out exactly when a she-wolf is ready, willing, and able. There’s a maybe four day window, in the midst of the larger estrous cycle, when a lady canine’s vagina is open for business. She won’t / can’t tolerate a male getting on top / going inside outside of the time. So, the workers in this study had to tranquilize the she-wolf and swab her every few days and then carefully study the skin cells. When the time is right they knock out a “guest stud” (not her usual mate, so she wouldn’t let him approach), electro-stimulate the jizz out of him, and do the turkey baster thang.

So, there SOME practical knowledge of at least one species’ lady bits.


There are similarly weird statistics regarding the study of the human sexual organs - the percentage of study there also veers rather heavily towards the male side of things.


I am also guessing that it’s hard to give a lady wolverine a CAT scan.


““And they knew not their holes from an ass on the ground.””


Do tell. Or at least drop a link… I didn’t even know it was possible to make a cloaca joke.