Internal anatomy of the clitoris



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Having it poorly studied for so long is not really that big of a surprise. It doesn’t seem to take easily to disease so medical professionals rarely need to look at it. Add in the fact that most of the researchers have been men historically, and the general creep-factor and it’s no surprise there has not been a lot of enthusiasm for studying it.

I mean these are the same guys that thought they discovered the G-Spot in 1940 (I guarantee that women have known about it for much longer).


I, for one, welcome our new clitoral overlords.


Try getting a grant for “I want to look at ladybits and get paid for it.”


It’s always so awesome when someone forwards me a link to where this information is getting #SPREAD!!! Thanks for sharing this Doctorow! Effing awesome! And just to note, the researchers/doctors who gave us the 3-D picture seen here were Dr. Buisson and Dr. Foldes from Paris, whose research wasn’t done until 2009, then published in 2010 – not 2005. If you want to read more of my stuff, check out my column on the Museum of Sex website, where I also do an advice column, or follow me on twitter @AdviceFromMsM. xoxo


I’ve never been so turned on by a BB article.


#SPREAD? giggle


You’re so right. The doctors who did the research did it without any proper funding. They had to bankroll it themselves! Because you know, it seems the politics of medicine could care less about female pleasure. I hope this changes!


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Many females have involuntary contractions of the cervix during orgasm that could serve to move the reproductive material (sperm) closer to the uterus more quickly, which means there might be more to clitoral stimulation than just pleasure. Although pleasure isn’t bad, either.


This is an argument I hear often and I do undertand your perspective. More recent studies have proven that the release of oxytocin at orgasm is actually what sucks the sperm up like a big blast of current! However, the main point is, a woman can still get pregnant without having an orgasm.


Well, that’s true, but anything that improves the probability of conception is going to get selected for evolutionarily. A 1% increase in likelyhood of conception is huge, over millennia.

I don’t think that saying this in any way minimizes the clitoris, or is even at odds with the fact that the purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure.


I would think it would work out better in a nation less puritanical than the US. We say we believe in pure research, but if there’s a giggle factor, you just know members of a certain political party will go on the warpath.

France has scientists too, don’t they?


And yet, the multitude of Viagra commercials seems to indicate that “look at man bits and get paid for it” is perfectly acceptable. I wonder why that is…hmm…


As a sex educator specializing in female pleasure, this has always been my favorite thing to teach folks. The look of shock and awe on their faces when I show them how the clit glans is just the “tip of the iceberg” is wonderful. As far as pleasure goes, this means pressure and torque (such as holding her hips up or tilting them to one side) can greatly increase the pleasure she feels.


Swim little tadpole, SWIM. That wetness isn’t just for fun.

Foreskins thread a few days ago. Now clitorises. There seems too be a theme going on here.

Coming up next, A Voyager’s look at Uranus.


The clitoris is a myth, like unicorns and Eskimos.


Take my wife, please!


I have to say I had no idea. Cool.


Sildenafil citrate (Vigara) was developed as a heart medication. When test subjects started reporting huge boners as a side effect, Pfizer realized that they had something potentially much more profitable on its hands.