Internal anatomy of the clitoris

i salute the little man in the boat.


Geez, my mom would have been so freaked out if she knew we were talking about this.

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I do more than that

It is Anal August, after all!

The word for today is “legs”.


Not sure what an Eskimo is, but I assure you unicorns are very real and I highly recommend picking one up if you have the means.

Except in the original form you had to inject it into your dick. The original researcher did this demonstration as part of his scientific lecture.

I am very disappointed that you didn’t say “Pfizer realized that they had something potentially much bigger on its hands.”


holding her hips up or tilting them to one side

Why is it that I thought of someone playing a pinball machine when I read that part?


Did you hear they invented Viagra for women? The woman pretends she took it.

So, what you’re saying, is that it was just accidentally discovered it also caused boners and then BAM! it was given to men? You’re not missing a few important steps, are ya?

In any discussion of the ‘purpose’ of the clitoris, folks often fail to employ proper caution when bandying about the term.

You’d think we all believed in intelligent design.


“Creep factor”? I don’t get it. This is so cool!

When erect, the corpora cavernosa encompass the vagina on either side, as if they were wrapping around it giving it a big hug!

That is… Adorable. XD


They were investigating the nitric oxide signalling pathway (nitroglycerine tablets for angina, right?) so the early version of Viagra was developed for heart patients. I believe someone published the basic research that this pathway controls erections, so a third researcher injected some of this new drug into his johnson and the rest is history. “Bam?” - well I don’t think they had to spend a lot of time focus grouping this one. But it was basic research that led to a new approved use for an existing drug.

Apologies in advance if I told the story wrong.

Now Rogaine for baldness started as a blood pressure medication, but that’s a different story…

If I can’t touch the bottom, that’s my problem, and if I can’t touch the sides that’s your problem.

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Actually anything that increases the willingness of women to have sex is going to increase instances of sex. Especially if it causes women to seek out sex. We can’t all just sit around waiting to be raped, after all.

Evolutiunz how does it work!?

I wonder how far is this thing from the anus on women, cos…

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Purpose does not imply intent.