Why it's so scary that Elle Macpherson is dating the father of the anti-vaxx movement

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Former supermodel. I think that’s got something to do with this.


If you’re going to take medical advise from someone with only a HS diploma - I don’t have any sympathy.


I know Elle Macpherson cares about pretty, so let me just say: comedy isn’t pretty and neither is quack science.


It makes me sad that a book like that had to be written at all.


I always think it’s important to point out that the disgraced doctor wasn’t just trying to “save us”. He held the patent for an alternate vaccine, and was trying to discredit the MMR jab so that he’d get rich off the replacement.

The hero of the anti-vaxxers was a doctor trying to sell vaccines. He was trying to get rich off anyone who’d believe him, and nothing’s changed.

edited to provide sources:

He also failed to disclose to the Editor of the Lancet his involvement as the inventor of a patent relating to a new vaccine for the elimination of the measles virus (Transfer Factor) which he also claimed in the patent application, would be a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

(General Medical Council’s sanction, page 5)

The patent itself, since his defence for the conflict of interest is that the patent has nothing to do with MMR, despite “also concerns a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of an MMR virus mediated disease” in the opening paragraph of the patent.


I still marvel that some people care about a model’s opinion on something besides beauty and fashion.

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The headline has a weird non-sequiter MadLib feel to it.

I don’t know why this makes me think of Revelation 6:2 – 6:6.

Anyhoo, I know the problem does exist outside the US (and these two aren’t American), but I wonder if this stuff has anything to do with the wider culture of treating healthcare as a luxurious treat for the rich and famous.

Supermodels don’t want you to know about this weird old trick to avoid polio.


Macpherson is a sociopath?

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Perhaps she’s working her way up to sociopath as a replacement career for a former ‘super model’.

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yeah, that’s what I initially thought, but then it would read

Also, the notorious is a bit jarring - it implies she’s already well known as a sociopath?

The scary part is that any of us pay any attention to any thing celebrities say other than when they are talking about the thing they became celebrities at. Outside of modeling, Macpherson has no more credibility about any other subject than does my brother in law the mechanic.

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I think the sociopath reference was meant to refer to Wakefield, with his new girlfriend’s platform and woo-soaked media presence providing the second chance.


Oh, that works. but it’s notoriously aw3kward phrasing for a professional writer.


I don’t either, but I have a lot of sympathy for the children of people who are going to take medical advice from someone with only a HS diploma.




That’s not sad. Now this is sad:

Consider how much more effective the book would have been with a celebrity endorsement.