Why not phone your dead loved ones with Facebook's new 'Hello' call dialer app


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Long distance charges may apply.


Nope. Nope. Nope.


What what what? Out-of-date or otherwise error-prone Facebook data is one thing to be upset about, but a locked-down phone ecosystem is hardly the solution.


I logged out of Facebook and deleted all Facebook apps from everything I own and control which had anything to do with Facebook installed. I get the feeling that there are more and more people doing this. I hope that in a decade or two when someone mentions “Facebook”, the typical response is “Face what?”


My facebook account has always been confusing to me… it has a terminated email address linked to another unused email address which is linked to my primary address. I have tried to clean it up, but in the process it just wants more phone numbers and email associations from me so I dont do anything.
Instead, I deleted the app and will log in via browser once in a while. Now the most facebooking I enjoy is mentally maintaining a list of people that are next to be hidden from my feed. #getoffmylawn


eerily similar to a Black Mirror episode where a social-media obsessed young husband suddenly dies and his wife relies upon a controversial technology to engage with the digital footprint of her recent husband through a service that supplies a physical surrogate.

EDIT–After an actual read-through, it is obvious that this headline details other-than-available services based upon my hastiness and less-than thorough-nature. I apologize for having made any assumption based upon less than the necessary knowledge.

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Welp, my dad died over 2 years ago, and he’s still on my phone. I just can’t take him off, although that number probably belongs to someone else now.


In the case of anything made by schmuckerberg, maybe. In most other cases an informed user being locked out of the features of the thing they own is explicitly never a good thing.


But it is -a- solution. Though, if you find privacy creep by a website you voluntarily visit to be a serious problem, I’m not sure what solution could be found within any ecosystem.

all the feels.

I would call them, but they can’t get a signal down there.


“Them” being Facebook and “down there” being hell, surely?

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