Why (or why not) to vote for Hillary Clinton

Why (** *** ***) to vote for Hillary Clinton

The 2016 Presidential Election will decide who appoints the next one, two or three U.S. Supreme Court Justices; and whether the U.S. Supreme Court is (heavily) liberal or dangerously conservative leaning-- I.e. 5-4, 6-3 or even 7-2.

Cases the U.S. Supreme Court will impact:

Overturning Citizens United.

Winning judicial challenges regarding equal pay for women and income inequality.

Withstanding judicial challenges to sensible gun control legislation.

Protecting Roe v. Wade.

Preventing the dismantling of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Upholding presidential executive actions on immigration reform.

Withstanding judicial challenges to immigration reform.

Withstanding judicial challenges, aimed at overturning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Protecting same-sex marriage and the republican assault on LGBTQ civil and human rights.


Even Donald John Trump is aware of what is at stake, regarding the U.S. Supreme Court. The next president will also be charged with appointing lower court judges–which is as important (for the same reasons listed), as what president appoints U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

Except from the article: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/weekly-standards-bill-kristol-new-candidate-will-compete-in-presidential-race/?ftag=YHF4eb9d17&yptr=yahoo&ref=yfp

…Donald Trump unleashed a series of tweets in response, insulting Kristol, and both badgering the GOP and calling on the party to unite against this unnamed new opponent. He also implied in his tweets that an independent run would mean a Clinton victory and a liberal nomination to the nation’s highest court…

Donald J. Trump :heavy_check_mark:‎@realDonaldTrump

If dummy Bill Kristol actually does get a spoiler to run as an Independent, say good bye to the Supreme Court!

7:02 PM - 29 May 2016
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That’s what they said about the 2012 election.


Yea! :scream:

Since 2009 a democratic president named Barack Obama, has appointed two U.S. Supreme Court Justices and nominated a third in 2016. The U.S. Supreme Court is now 4-4–positioned to become 5-4 if Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is elected president.

Presidential elections have consequences, especially who appoints U.S. Supreme Court Justices-- and as important, who appoints lower court justices, especially in the current event of a 4-4 U.S. Supreme Court, that deadlocks 4-4 on a case, where the lower court ruling will stand.

None since 2012.

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Great defining strategy on the part of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The best way to show how racist, bigoted, sexist, uninformed, ineligible and unqualified Donald John Trump is–is to actually use his own expressed comments against him.

Expressed Trump comments that will continue to be never-ending, because of the intellectual dysfunction that marks his dippy, daft, warped and dangerous–social, cultural and political ideology.


Clinton: “Donald Trump is an ignorant misogynist bigot; his own words prove it”

Trump supporters: “Yes, we know, that’s why we voted for him”

Clinton is doing everything possible to hand this election to Trump. Purely negative campaigning based on a bizarrely persistent delusion that this is a business-as-usual election.

Just the thing to drive voter turnout through the floor. Add the effect of the GOPs voter suppression efforts across the South, mix in the additional impact of some election-day violence and intimidation by Trumpeter goons, and say hello to President Trump.


It has been foretold in the prophesies.



yep. I don’t understand it all.

I though it might be because Kissinger taught at Georgetown, but that was after Bill Clinton’s time.


New poll shows Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton opening up a double digit lead over Donald John Trump.


Outlier Poll?

Why (** *** ***) to vote for Hillary Clinton

No presidential polls this far out (five months) in a presidential election year should be taken to heart–be they favorable or unfavorable. The 2016 presidential election is one of the most important presidential elections in the history of America. The 2016 presidential election will decide the civic, social and political future of America, for years to come.

Vote for democrats up and down the ticket in 2016, in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Ignore any presidential poll; and vote with a sense of urgency, taking nothing for granted. Every vote counts, is needed and must be cast.

According to Gallup, remember in May and June: Dewey led Truman in 1948, Nixon led Kennedy in 1960, Humphrey led Nixon in 1968, Carter led Reagan in 1980, Dukakis led H.W. Bush in 1988, H.W. Bush led Clinton in 1992 and Kerry led G.W. Bush in 2004.

In May: McCain led Obama in 2008 and Romney led Obama in 2012.

If Sanders is the nominee, I’ll vote him in. The picayune offices don’t matter, and besides, that would only serve to embolden the DNC.

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Sorry to hear/read that.

Hope you change your mind, because your vote matters in this election.

ITA with you on this point. And, this was an immediate, on-point response, which is great.

Could you explain why you always type out the full legal name of every candidate, almost every time?



Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders

I didn’t ask if you could type out only their normal-usage names…can you explain WHY you prefer to type their entire names?


I hope you are not vexed, piqued or nettled by the use of a full name.

My family and human interactions growing up.

Growing up, most people I knew had a middle name. A lot of parents would introduce their children in society using the full name–and especially when they were calling a child who had done something wrong.

I don’t “almost every time”–refer to Hillary by her full.

Here are some “almost every time”-- full names of people you may or may not know.

Louisa May Alcott

William English Walling

John Paul Jones

Alexander Graham Bell

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Frank Lloyd Wright

Billie Joe Armstrong

Rae Dawn Chong

Francis Ford Coppola

Jamie Lee Curtis

Anthony Michael Hall

Neil Patrick Harris

James Earl Jones

Jerry Lee Lewis

Mary Tyler Moore

Apolo Anton Ohno

Sarah Jessica Parker

Lisa Marie Presley

David Lee Roth

Billy Bob Thornton

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Thank you for that reply. This part, especially:

…helped me understand it as a social custom for you individually. I thought it had some sort of esoteric meaning, or was the best way to pull up quotes.


You’re welcome.

I’m not sure, but I think you and @chgoliz had the most productive discussion in this entire thread! Congrats to you both! :wink:


Speaking of productive.

This past weekend can only be characterised as productive for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, as she overwhelmingly won the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico primaries, inching extremely close to locking up and securing the democratic presidential nomination.

Hillary is now on the verge of making history as the first female to win the presidential nomination of a major political party.

:scream: Go Hillary! :girl:

Eh-- don’t call the nomination until the Californians have spoken. Odds are decent that she’ll win a majority of Californian votes, but if she doesn’t, her victory in the Virgin Islands will mean nothing at all.