Why or Why Not; Voting for Hilary Clinton


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And running with economic policies that would have been happily adopted by the Republicans 20 years ago is the right way to do that?

I just looked up what they have done, and I don’t think building Africa in the West’s image is a good way to go considering how badly we have fucked things up here.

Not one worker’s co-operative, all top down management with the help of the Clinton Foundation. I don’t call that empowerment.


African-Americans recall the positive involvement and impact Hillary and Bill have had on the African-American community. Like Nevada and South Carolina, the African-American vote will be a major reason why Hillary wins big on Super Tuesday.

Hillary and her campaign are taking no votes for granted. Can’t wait for the results to start coming in tomorrow night.


Hey, remember that time Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, ever respectful of Obama, released a photo of him in a turban during a visit to Kenya to try and play up the “he’s a muslim and/or kenyan!” angle in a last ditch effort to keep her 2008 primary campaign afloat?


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Not to belabour a point, but I didn’t respond to this person because the last time I engaged with them they posted that what they’d like to see in response to BLM and Sanders’ stances on related matters is for black criminals to be rounded up, stacked like sardines in the holds of cargo vessels, and shipped en masse to Africa.

Either the thread starter deleted that and subsequent replies, or BB did. I flagged the post because it was actually offensive, referring to black people as savage predators and whatever is wrong regardless of alleged criminal activity simply on the basis of acknowledgment of historical wrongs against the group as a whole.

Debate one that holds that outlook if you want, for me that outlook means they are not worth engaging on matters involving race/civil rights/history etc, but if you review you’ll see that the thread starter has had their lunch fed to them at each turn and is now relegated to fairly well stating that their arguments for Clinton are supported on the basis of her winning, which is almost as intellectually cheap as one can get in politics.

This thread should die, I’ll not be replying here again.


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Why (or why not) to vote for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.:pensive:

Hillary is the most qualified and experienced candidate running for president.

Hillary Clinton has been the only true champion of the political, social and economic accomplishments of the Democratic Party under the leadership of President Obama. :scream:!!!

Electing a woman president would be way cool.

Electing a grandma president would be so way cool. :sunglasses:

Electing a woman president would send a message to every little girl :girl: that she can grow up to be anything she desires, including President of the United States.

Everyone should vote for Hillary Clinton in the remaining primaries and caucuses because she is the only candidate running for president on the democratic side, that has a high percentage chance of actuary reaching the required number of delegates to become the democratic presidential nominee.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton should be the democratic presidential nominee. Then the first female nominee for president in the Democratic Party can have the option of selecting Bernie Sanders as her V.P. choice/running mate.

Then America can elect Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders, making Hillary the first female President of the United States and Bernie Sanders the first Jewish :man_with_gua_pi_mao: Vice-President of the United States.

Just a few reason 'why to vote for" Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. :wink:


How many terms as a senator?

Uhm, no.

She’s a paid tool of Wall Street as far as I’m concerned and likely to get us involved in another war in the Middle East.


Freddie Mercury isn’t the champion, Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary Clinton is so cool, M&M´s don’t melt in her hand.

Hillary Clinton’s tears cure cancer … too bad she has never cried.



Hard to say if this is a reason for or against …

Neoconservative historian Robert Kagan — one of the prime intellectual backers of the Iraq War and an advocate for Syrian intervention — announced in the Washington Post last week that if Trump secures the nomination, “the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton.”


Why vote for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton in the Michigan Primary on Tuesday.

One reason is:

The Michigan primary is this coming Tuesday. The democratic presidential debate is scheduled for tonight in Flint, Michigan.

While other 2016 presidential candidates (democrat and republican) were sleep at the switch, Hillary Clinton was engaged and involved in what was happening in Flint, Michigan. Hillary sent surrogates to Flint, Michigan and then took time off from the campaign trail and visited Flint, Michigan herself.

Hillary’s leadership and involvement in the Flint, Michigan water crisis, is one major reason why she has received the endorsement of Flint, Michigan mayor, Karen Weaver.

Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Flint, Michigan water crisis leads to endorsement by mayor.

During a press call with journalists today, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver gave her endorsement to Hillary Clinton, saying, “We want a friend like Hillary in the White House.”

Weaver says she has spoken directly with Sec. Clinton in the past couple of days to give her details about the poisoning of Flint’s drinking water…Clinton is the only presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has directly reached out to her to see how they could help.

The call was moderated by Hillary for America National Political Director Amanda Renteria, the former Chief of Staff for Senator Debbie Stabenow…Clinton will continue to work with Mayor Weaver to be sure that Flint gets the help it needs and she endorses the “Future Fund” plan put forth by Senators Stabenow and Gary Peters and Congressman Dan Kildee proposed last week in a letter to Gov. Snyder:

Video: Flint, Michigan mayor endorses Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

Note: Hillary Clinton was also attended the funeral of South Carolina State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney, who was one of the victims of the South Carolina church shootings/murders.

President Obama gave the eulogy, also in attendance was First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden. Also, then U.S. House Speaker John Boehner led a congressional delegation to the funeral service. Bernie Sanders was not in attendance.


Yeah-- just who will oppose the tyrannical rule of the Court of Chancery?


Why vote for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton because she is taking no debate, state, U.S territory or vote for granted in her quest for the Democratic Party nomination for president.

Hillary did gave a masterful performance in the most recent democratic presidential debate in Flint, Michigan. Hillary called out Bernie Sanders on his vote against the auto industry bailout.

In the state of Michigan of all places with its primary today; and Ohio to follow on March 15th–Hillary highlighted what she has been calling Bernie Sanders single-issue candidacy; as she exposed how his zealot and uncompromising disdain for Wall Street superseded and prevented him from voting to bail out the auto industry; which saved and created thousands of jobs since its passing.

Why vote for Hillary Clinton?–because of the difference in her answer verses Bernie Sanders to the question from moderator Don Lemon; “everyone is a little bit racist.” What racial blind spot do you have?

Hillary gave a introspective answer that was indicative of her long termed involvement with the African-American community and her understanding of the longstanding issues that confront the African-American community.

Bernie Sanders gave an answer that showed his deficiency in knowing the social and economic condition of poor white people; and his lack of involvement and understanding of the African-American community in America–the very African-American voters whose support and vote he is seeking. Bernie Sanders on the “Ghetto”

Hillary Clinton succeeded in calling out Bernie Sanders for his support for gun manufacturers, aligning Bernie Sanders with the NRA and gun manufacturers over gun control advocates. NRA Defends Bernie Sanders.

Why vote for Hilary Clinton?–because Bernie Sanders in the Flint, Michigan democratic presidential debate even when he was making a case many consider to be accurate; managed to offend Americans who have mental health issues.

Below comment from the transcript of Flint, Michigan democratic presidential debate.

SANDERS: Well, let me make a couple of responses. Let me pick up on the last point the secretary made. You know, we are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money into mental health. And when you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in that.

Bernie Sanders makes mental health joke; is criticized by mental health patients across America.

Bernie Sanders at points during the Flint, Michigan democratic debate seemed upset during topic exchanges with Hillary Clinton, resembling his Larry David SNL character.

Bernie tells Hillary Clinton “excuse me I’m talking”

The Michigan and Mississippi democratic primaries are today. Michigan is key for Bernie Sanders if he has any hope of winning the democratic presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders debate performance on Sunday in Flint, Michigan may cause Michigan voters to decide–“Why not vote for Hillary Clinton.”



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