Why terrorist bosses are micro-managing dicks

with no description of the story attached to the “permalink,” i just had to click through to see how they micromanaged these penises.

boy am i ever disappointed.

That’s why we planted you there in the first place!

That’s why WE took away your stapler!

Micromanagers have sadistic personalities, they just rein in the urge to destroy everything. Remember, even sadists need to have long lasting relationships so they have someone to torment.

My apologies, sir. It was completely involuntary. Spent quite some time looking for something with which to remove my eyeballs. Then I realized that wouldn’t really help. Couldn’t find anything with which to remove my brain.

I’m…ok now. I think.

Oh! Cory, Cory, Cory! Good article - once I got past the HuffPo Headline thing.

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