Why the siren of the Starbucks logo is slightly asymmetrical


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Still not supporting the Evil Empire.


Should have just stuck with the original logo but I guess too many monocles would pop and pearls would be clutched at the site of a bare breasted mythical creature.


Personally…asymmetry is always more pleasing to my eye when it comes to faces.

Book shelves on the other hand I want symmetrical order. No large books on their sides on small shelves and tiny books by themselves on large shelves.

this is the work of a monster…



I would just point out that the slight asymmetry in the design does NOT make it look like her FACE is asymmetrical, just that it is lit slightly from the side.


How about a competing brand called “Mooncents” with a logo that moons the customers? :rofl:


But the asymmetrical power cord brings balance.


I think the monocle and pearl crowd would’ve been ok with this. The “shred the art books, they’re full of porn!” people would have been the bigger problem.


Sometimes there is no other way.


I always knew that there was something ‘off’ about Starbucks.


The wall of mismatched bookshelves in my store room would give you hives


That logo, or a very similar one with a couple extra wisps of hair, is in use at the Disneyland Starbucks, of all places. They wanted something retro to not clash with the surrounding architecture of Main Street.


See…get legal pot in west coast and this is the type of articles we get.
Next we’ll be posting about how you can make the land o lakes Native American icon show her tits.


Ahem… (eye of the beholder, etc.)


Sort of I dunno. EXACTLY my point no?


That’s great, now try making decent coffee.

Or at least hire a staff that gives a $#it.


Starbucks is the Evil Empire now? Standards must have fallen.


These days they would probably stick with it. It’s got that sweet sweet “artisanal” feel to it.


put some of that humanity back in

Isnt perfect symmetry more human than natural asymmetry?

I often wonder that we use the phrase “human” backwards. It is human to make mistakes but its more human to try not to make mistakes.