Why the UK middle class should be rioting in the streets


It sounds like the mafia way - get in, get everything you can, leave a big mess. But because it’s on such a large scale, it’s ok.


‘What, us too? Not just the oiks?’ Awww, Telegraph readers feeling the pinch now? Good. Let’s see what they do about it. Vote Tory still, in the hope of Cameron’s tax cut folderol, I imagine. Fuckers.


Vote UKIP, probably.

To be fair, I grew up in a Telegraph household, and I quite like my parents. They’re nice people. My mum even voted for Labour once.

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drip… drip… drip…

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In the midst of Mr. Proud’s vitriol he still manages to squeeze in some apologetics:

While much of what Reagan and Thatcher did was necessary…



I’m not convinced that the riots in 2011 didn’t happen in the way that they did just to scare the middle classes into not protesting.

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An interesting article, but he needs to run his stuff by a proofreader first. poor grammar tends to take a little wind out of the sails.

Riot in the style of Last Night of the Proms.

Hey, at least Mussolini made the trains run on time.

Surely the credit rating of BC Partners should now be in the toilet?

Why are they not?

Because of ‘British’ (read in Stephen Fry ala Blackadder voice).

Because of ‘The War’.

Because of ‘Stiff Upper Lip’.

Because the middle aged population lives in the fantasy of the aging and dead youth of their parents, that they have inherited after figuring on usurping them. Groovy baby.

The baby boomers are the biggest ever sham, all anger and intolerance disguised as opinion.

No doubt some of them will survive into digital infinity and perhaps that will be justice enough; having to explain themselves for the rest of time.


I understand buying, selling off all the good stuff, and leaving the rotting corpse. But I wondered about the borrowing part myself.

So they sunk 200 into it, got it all back plus 5 by borrowing, then took 223 of equity out of it (which must have been most or all of it, if they bought it for 200), and presumably left the company to shoulder the debt to the point of bankruptcy.

I thought guys that lent out 205 megapounds had their asses covered, or at least would be in the loop enough to deny the players credit ever again.

Because riots have solved ever so many problems in the world.

Rioting is the bastard compromise between protesting and revolution. It’s a display of general discontent that goes beyond simple protesting into the realm of mob rule and rampant destruction, but which ultimately does not result in meaningful political change.

If you feel that a system can be changed peacefully, and most can with patience and perserverence, then you want to protest and take political action.

If you feel the only option is to enact change forcibly, overthrowing the government and installing a new, hopefully better-enough-to-justify-the-ruining-of-lives-revolts-result-in government, then you want to revolt.

But if you’re just out to torch some cars, loot some buildings, and fuck over innocent people in an indiscriminate display of undirected rage and chaos, by all mean, call for riots and watch the world burn.

It’s worth noting that if you talk to a certain segment of the government, police or mass media, peaceful political activism /is/ rioting, and they will treat it accordingly.


Precisely why it is so important for people like ourselves and Mr. Doctorow to bother to make the distinction between activism and rioting - otherwise, we’re no better.


Yeah, well, Richard Branson’s managed to do that…

On the rare occasion I read a paper, it’s likely to be the torygraph, even though by temperament you’d think I was a guardian reading lefty type. Thing is, I tend to agree with what I read in the guardian, so I don’t question it, where as I generally disagree with the telegraph, so I pay more attention to what I’m reading.
At the end of the day, it’s still good journalism, even if they have a very tory spin on things, but I’m used to mentally subtracting that bias.
I’ve not bought a newspaper for years though.
My parents do buy the telegraph (despite also being lefty types), but only the saturday edition because you get a pile of paper and magazines about two inches thick, so it’s good value for money, and they’re never short of old newspaper.

Living on the wrong side of the pond, I don’t buy any UK papers any more, but I do read the Torygraph and Grauniad online. The paper itself isn’t too bad, I agree it’s still good journalism by and large. I’ve got leftier and leftier since I moved to the US (America turned me into a Socialist! I was probably an Orange Book Liberal before), so now I’ve very much a Guardianista.

I still like the Weekend section of the Telegraph when I see it. Good general knowledge crossword.

Tom Chivers is excellent, and BoJo and Dan Hannan’s columns are instructive, even if you think they’re tosh.

The online comments are horrific. Worse than the Guardian’s.