Why the world is better than you think in 10 powerful charts

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Centuries past? Like 1990? I am so old.

I like these graphs. It’s easy to lose sight of this very good news in the face of the bad. Someone once asked me if all those ren-faire people really want to live in an era before anesthetic.


Teen Birth Rates in the United States

Perhaps I’m naive, but personally, I’ve never met anyone who gave birth to a teenager.


Sure, but on the other hand, Trump.

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Why not include the USA homicide stats with the European?

('Cuz they’d make the USA look like it’s still in the 1700s?)


US Homicide rates have been on a steady downward trend for two decades ( this year’s blip notwithstandng), and are roughly fifty times lower than the 18th century rate.


Canada’s homicide rates are similarly trending downwards, though I wonder what the next batch of data (covering 2015) will tell: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/151125/cg-a001-eng.htm

Oops, I just noticed that the two graphs which I thought were the same stat, aren’t. Violent crime vs. homicide…

I wonder why they don’t include France in the Western European violent crime chart…

A chart that should be considered along with the others.

I suspect that graphing energy use against rates of poverty and child mortality would reveal an extremely high negative correlation, which does not necessarily imply causation, but which should not be dismissed out of hand.

Edit to source the chart:


The 2014 edition of the annual Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation letter has some further insights about this ‘things getting better’ perspective.

I just noticed that their 2016 letter addresses the energy issue, so I’m guessing you’re not alone in thinking this is important.

Well, technically, that [I]is[/I] last century.

And last millennium.


Deaths by war are also down. I mean Europe hasn’t had a proper war since the 1940s. It used to be you weren’t REALLY Britain unless you had killed a Frenchman.


Try to keep up Antarctica.

It’s nice to have charts like this to break out the next time an aging relative starts to get all misty-eyed about the fifties and sixties.

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I absolutely agree but damn, I had to click this after reading the previous article about the Mississippi senator.

One of my favorite charts:

This one is good news:

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That’s part of why I’m deeply unhappy with Brexit. One contributing factor to Europe’s peace was a post-WW II order that established a lot of international trade with resulting international dependencies on the war machine. If other countries start hopping out of the EU there’s a chance (not great, but still…) that we could one day see countries independent enough to go back to deciding a war will solve all their problems.

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