Why this 2004 Nintendo DS ad angered people when it aired

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Neat. Long been aware of Hikaru, having had a Japanese roommate.

Not mentioned: She’s American (from NYC). Her US career never took off, alas. Her music is not my cup of tea, but she is undeniably talented.


So internet outrage is usually ill-informed, spreads like wildfire and often misconstrued so as to be a counterpoint of the sentiment being conveyed? Got it.


Maybe it’s just what I get as an american with a loose grasp of japanese, but the japanese internet feels like the test-case for the horrible mire the internet in the US is today. weird crypto-fascists and hyper conservative conspiracy theories have really flourished on the japanese web for even longer than in the US, maybe it’s got something to do with higher societal expectations for conformity leading to release online?
fun fact, right now q-anon is big in the online japanese conspiracy community which is just wild to me, the US has too much influence on world culture ffs.


Her debut album First Love in 1999 was pretty phenomenal at the time: it was a huge change from the rest of the 90s J-pop and audiences loved it. She is extremely talented, but like Taylor Swift, it didn’t hurt that her father was a record producer and her mother was a retired pop singer as well.


Utada on boing boing?!! No way!!

I’ve been a fan of hers for like two decades and personally I think her work gets better with time. But I dunno. I’m a fangirl so I might be biased. Her English albums are so-so. Her Netflix concert special is great!

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