Why was Jeffrey Epstein visited by a JPMorgan Chase exec while serving time in Florida?

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15 years?

Well there’s the trouble, Epstein likes 'em younger than that.



Epstein rapes children, and JPMprgan rapes the US consumer. That’s why!


There’s the trouble right there. Seems that a lot of folks have had, with Mr. Epstein, a “roughly 15-year relationship.” Some say it’s his stock in trade.


I don’t see why it’s odd that a financial consultant got a visit from a banker.


they wern’t paying for especially skilled tax prep, they’re paying for the fringe benefits.

my parents financial planner sometimes gets them seats to a ballgame if they can’t use their season tix, epstein sources wealthy elites teen girls. it’s all part of the business right guys? :roll_eyes:

when a family member’s financial planner started eating oxys like pez and ended up with literally everyone else in the office forming a new one without the pez monster, they took their business elsewhere, not visited him in jail. but i guess we’re just dumb middle clas plebs


I remember when banks would give you a toaster for opening a checking account. Had no idea how slippery a slope that was.


Yeah, I have to assume your family member takes morality into account when making decisions. But doing the immoral thing, that’s normal behavior for JP Morgan Chase execs. So I don’t see why anyone would find them visiting Epstein odd.

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just think all this started because some old ass billionare jokingly asked if a crumpet came with the toaster. our boy jeffrey heard “strumpet” and dear god, the rest is history…

Too dark? I’m on the fence myself…


Hedging risk in the Pruno market with a new market basket derivative?

Or maybe just helping him clean out a dirty safety deposit box with their housekeeping services? Can’t have those dust bunnies building up.


British slang - bit of crumpet , a sexually desirable woman or one regarded as a sex object

Just sayin


interesting, didn’t know the british had sex


And, with Mr. Staley, he laid some of the early groundwork…that would vault Mr. Staley’s career to a higher plane.

These too-obvious puns are so far beneath the dignity of the Gray Lady.

Upper lip’s not the only thing that’s stiff, knowadamean old bean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! :joy:


I’d wager his tape collection rivals that of Sonny Shine… it would explain pretty much everything about his connections and “investing prowess.”

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Because money has a certain smell and predators follow that smell, even when it is redolent of sex with children.

Just ask Jefferson County, AL:

On November 4, 2009 JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to a settlement to end the SEC’s probe of its financial dealings with Jefferson County. Under the terms of the agreement the investment bank canceled $647 million on fees it would have charged the county to refinance its auction-rate security debts and made a one-time payment of $50 million to the county. The SEC had alleged that JPMorgan’s Charles LeCroy and municipal derivatives head Douglas McFaddin made millions of dollars of illicit payments to bankers considered “friends” of Jefferson County officials in order to secure the county’s bond business. The firm then charged the county higher fees and interest in order to make up for those payments.


This thread stands as an answer to the question, “Can one make jokes about rapists that actually are funny.”

You know . . . as if.

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Punching up is good and cool.

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