Why we are unaware of how unaware we are


It’s aware unawareness, all the way down.


I fear that Trumps experience would be similar to Zaphod Beeblebrox’s experience in the Total Perspective Vortex


Whether or not I agree that this is a “human” urge, DK isn’t just about people spouting off to the media, it’s about 90%* of people thinking they are above average drivers. It’s not charisma or flat organization structure, it’s just plain arrogance.

* Made up number that isn’t totally out of line with reality


Edited to agree with my own view of reality.


Interesting—have there been similar studies with subjects from non-Western cultures?

Totally agree about the culture of arrogance. How often we throw around inane clichés like “fake it till you make it” or “ask for forgiveness, not for permission.” This is why all our politicos and CEOs are charlatan sociopaths.


That’s what I’ve read, though I don’t know the studies in particular. Apparently in east Asia people typically underestimated their ability, though one part of it held - the more people knew the more they underestimated their ability. In North America that goes from overestimation among the incompetent to underestimation among the competent. In east Asia it goes from mild underestimation among the incompetent to extreme underestimation among the competent.


I just only skimmed an unimportant part of the article and didn’t see how long it was, so I think I’m unaware of how aware I am of how unaware I am of how unaware I am of how unaware I am.

And now I’ve got something new to run through that sentence structure visualizer


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