Trump is a human void


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How black holes could delete the universe - new explainer video

Am I the only one disappointed there are no photoshop hijinks from @beschizza?


On FARK, they’d tag this one “Obvious”.


Really? @beschizza no black holes for eyes? No thin skin draped over the empty void of cold dark space?


Were we previously unaware that Trump is a narcissist?


No, but I think it’s only jokingly aware what becomes of narcissists when their egos are annihilated by public failure and humiliation. They become weird social viruses, no shame or limits whatsoever.


So it’s like tunnel vision, if the tunnel vision turns into your entire capability for consciousness


Like lying one’s ass off in front of a crowd of Nazi sympathizers? I’m starting to think that he is more like a form of a toxic tardigrade.


This article reminds me that many assholes misinterpreted Dennis Leary’s “Asshole” song as a pro-asshole anthem, rather than an anti-asshole critique.


Waldorf: Just when you think the show is terrible, something wonderful happens.
Statler: What?
Waldorf: It ends.


You might want to hold off on the application of human to the orange one.


I think we’re turning “Hollywood Narcissism” into the new “Hollywood Sociopathy”.

You know what narcissism actually is, when you’ve stripped away all the fluff? It’s emotional hypersensitivity as it relates to others. That’s it in a nutshell, really.

Example: you know that embarrassment you feel when you make a fool out of yourself, or that little buzz when someone recognizes your accomplishment? Now imagine that cranked up to 11, all the time. That’s how narcissists feel. All the time.

No wonder so many develop maladaptive coping mechanisms, really. Imagine that every little slight you felt from others now felt like a full-on emotional attack, triggering your fight-or-flight response and your brain freaking out, almost like you’d put your hand on a hot stove and it’s screaming for you to DO SOMETHING AAAAAAAHHHHH…

Now. This isn’t sympathy for the devil, here. Trump was born wealthy and has access to the best doctors, the best therapists, the best pharmaceuticals money can buy. He has the fewest excuses of anyone to not be handling his personality disorder, and the fact that his coping mechanisms have become so extreme and malignant isn’t the fault of the disorder, it’s his choice to ignore that rational part of your brain saying “Hey, maybe something is wrong here with my behavior…”.

I’m really just trying to say that the “narcissist” label is a bad one because it doesn’t really explain what the underlying cause of the disorder is, and therefore people get the wrong idea and attach labels like “evil” to people who were basically born without enough inhibitory neurons in that one part of their brain. I believe that there’s even some discussion in the psychological community about renaming it in the DSM-6 (whenever that comes out).


Poetic, but…how do we get rid of him?



Ramana Maharshi was void. Nisargadatta was void.

Calling Trump void merely insults the void.


well, if you ask nicely



Thank you sir!


Thanks for restoring my faith in BoingBoing @beschizza.


never one to disappoint


Honestly, the actual picture of his face is way more disturbing than some eye-mouths. It illustrates his total blankness as a human being far better than any photoshoppery could.


I did actually keep reading, but this article definitely almost lost me right at the beginning by suggesting that dogs are incapable of feeling embarrassed in front of other dogs. That seems like a bold claim that requires some kind of evidence. I think we have every reason to believe dogs have feelings very much like the ones we have. And unlike Trump, most dogs are not assholes.