Watch as Trump supporters are asked about the Jan 6th hearings

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It’s important to hear what these Know-Nothings believe, but giving them the honour of engaging them in good faith debate or otherwise entertaining their looney notions is a waste of time.


Does anyone have a link to the video? Y’know, one that plays for your Canadian guests?


These are just too depressing


The denial in these attendees are strong with this crowd.
(Were lobotomies included in the attendance fees?)


I get the impression it’s a deliberate tactic with some conservatives to adopt a goofy smirk when they discuss politics with anyone on the left. I have seen it before in person, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Ann Coulter came up with the idea in one of her books: “here’s one great way to annoy liberals.”


It seems to be “The unspoken part” to me. She’s looking like the cat who swallowed the canary.


“A little bit of shit in the pool doesn’t mean you can’t swim in it.” Oh dam that made me chuckle. The rest of this video is soo mindblowingly depressing.

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Yeah - here in the UK I had to switch on my VPN. I guess whoever owns that video is so ashamed that so many dumbasses (boy were some of them dumb!) exist in the USA that they wanted to keep it inside the borders! /s :wink:

But they keep allowing themselves to be interviewed! Surely someone would have caught on by now.


Does this work for you?


The anthropomorphic stains of Rudy Giuliani’s skull melt.

The fact that these guys hadn’t even heard that Giuliani was drunk on election night shows how the divide in the US was created by and is driven by a divide in news reporting. The “alternate reality” of Fox News. These people willfully ignore anything that clashes with what they want to be true.


My aunt and uncle voted for Trump, and my mother recently asked my (now divorced) aunt if she was watching the Jan 6th hearings and my aunt replied, “What happened on Jan. 6th?” She had no idea. She claims, weirdly, that she gets her news from the British press, but I suspect by that she means the Daily Mail and/or Murdoch tabloids.

Yeah, because I don’t think any debate is good faith on their side to begin with. That guy who started talking about Ivanka clones? I don’t think he actually believed it, it was just a disingenuous way of dismissing the whole conversation.

They’re mandatory for admission in the first place.


Thanks. BB should hire you.


As their special Dutch correspondent, I suppose. Enjoy!


I did in fact LOL. And how about those two young ladies that didn’t seem to know what they were agreeing, or disagreeing with? When the one stated it’s time to go, did she mean she was getting a notion that she’s being manipulated? Or did she mean that she started to realize this whole Trmp thing is hooey, and they need to leave that rally (or whatever it was)?

I don’t ordinarily watch interviews with these self-deluded zombies, but watched this one just for that line.
Too bad it was at the very end.

This video merely strengthened my conviction that anyone who believes the Big Lie should be automatically banned from jury duty. They obviously have no grasp on Reality, and can’t be relied on to be able to separate fact from fiction.
This would also apply to QAnoners, evangelicals, etc.

As a matter of fact:
Qualifications to vote in Texas
Sec. 11.002. QUALIFIED VOTER. (a) In this code, “qualified voter” means a person who:
(1) is 18 years of age or older;
(2) is a United States citizen;
(3) has not been determined by a final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be:
(A) totally mentally incapacitated; or
(B) partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote;

etc, etc…

Seems to me that voting for You Know Who is proof of being incapable of distinguishing right from wrong and/or fantasy from reality.


Klepper is plumbing the dumb and finding that the depth is measureless.


It’s remarkable how 2000 Mules is on a very narrow release, yet these people all know about it.

As Jeff Goldblum could have said: "Crazy, uh, finds a way."