On the Senate floor Ron Johson makes the bizarre claim that Capitol rioters were "fake Trump supporters"

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i’ve said it before, but there are no trump supporters. it’s all fake news just to make trump look bad in the eyes of his supporters. who do not exist.

nobody even voted him, which is how you can tell there was election fraud, which is why he should have won.


What’s scary is that I have no trouble imagining someone actually jumping through those mental hoops to believe what you just wrote. sigh


Christ, what an asshole


I don’t quite get why anyone would support the real Trump… So, maybe it makes more sense to support fake Trump?!


To be fair, it would be an odd time to start being honest.


F*ch this guy to hell, what an asshole, and he was a “blue lives matter” jerk up until his buddies started killing cops.


What was Johnson’s take on waterboarding? Bet it was, “it’s not torture.” Ergo, presumably he won’t mind if he himself is waterboarded and questioned about how fervently he really believes the utter bullshit he’s peddling.

Live, on camera, from the Senate floor, preferably.


This is the third time I’ve seen some horrible and stupid thing said by Ron Johnson and had my brain instead try to connect it to Jon Ronson, causing confusion and distress. Clearly one of them has to go.


So I’m guessing all the Trumpers who punched protestors at Trump rallies were also fake Trump supporters. . . who were punching other fake Trump supporters who came there with the intention of getting punched?


Maybe I’m pointing out the ironic subtext…but Ron Johnson got to the senate by beating Senator Russ Feingold, the lone US senator to oppose the patriot act. Russ was quick to point out the inhumane use of “enhanced interrogation” and the loss of citizens privacy it would unleash.

I really miss having him represent Wisconsin. He was the rare progressive who could work across the aisle to get things done. His loss to Johnson was a sign that Wisconsin’s days as blue state were over.


It makes me happy to see Republicans stab their most dangerous and ardent supporters in the back. I would like to see the faces of Proud Boys hearing themselves being accused of being Leftist agitators on TV, or white supremacists accused of being BLM agitators.

I think they should call out all the inept Trump underlings who failed so miserably during he election for being closet Democrat spies. I bet Rudy is really working for the ghost of Che Guevara, getting his orders at seances at the Clintons’.


So, according to this claim, Ashli Babbitt (the rioter who was shot and killed) wasn’t the Trump-supporting war veteran that people say she was. She was actually a left wing troublemaker in disguise. Got it. (Cuckoo…cuckoo…cuckoo!)


It is fake Trump Supporters all the way down.

Actually, if all Trump Supporters are fake (and let’s face it, no real person could actually hold those idiotic beliefs), then all votes for Trump were fake; and so, going forward, all votes placed for Trump adjacent politicians should be treated as fake and not be counted.


“Johnson doesn’t really believe that ‘fake Trump supporters’ were at the Capitol on January 6. He’s just saying it to please his voter base. They don’t believe it either, but lies like this are important bonding rituals in the Trumpanzee tribe.”

I mean, some of them believe it. They think the presence of even one person who isn’t a full-fledged Trump supporter but was “egging the Trump supporters on” exonerates everyone involved. I mean, they also think that the election was stolen and that that exonerates everyone involved as well as the fact that no Republicans are capable of breaking the law so even if they do break the law the fact that they are a Republican exonerates them. In other words…fuck them.


No true Scotsman would do such a thing!

I don’t care if he is Mr Angus McSporran in Aberdeen.


“Fake trump” supporters?

So they were doing it all for, what, for…



Ha! No, I didn’t intend any ironic subtext, because I didn’t know who Johnson had beaten, or what Feingold’s record was that might have opened up the door to defeat by somebody more Tea Party or Trump-y. (My excuse is that I’m Canadian, so the fact that I know as much as I do about American politics is already a bit of a weird character flaw…)

Isn’t Ron the same guy who for the past four years has been repeating Russian propaganda and in some cases verbatim?

Is Putin now saying that this has all been a dream? Fake like Chinese copy watches?