Intense new footage of Jan 6 released during hearings with warning: "This isn't easy to watch"

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It wasn’t easy to watch, but it is something anyone who’s invested in the continuation of liberal democracy in the U.S. is obliged to watch.* It’s also part of a well-laid-out and true and accurate account of what happened that day and who (including a certain lifelong public grifter) was responsible for perpetrating it.

ETA: putting up video of Ivanka and her empty -eyed husband contradicting Biff’s claims about a stolen election should make for some howls down at Mar-a-Lago.

Keep watching.

[* which is no doubt why Faux News was the only news network that didn’t air it, instead giving its audience more exposure to a fascist and racist pundit.]


During Tucker Carlson’s show they had no ad breaks. Now why would they leave that money on the table, hmm?


Biggest bombshell from last night was that multiple GOP members of Congress asked for pardons following January 6th. Let that sink in. We know that the majority of the MAGA cult is already too far gone, but the independent/undecided voters are the ones that need to be reached and when you combine the overturning of Roe, the gun reform debates and everything that will come out of the January 6th hearings, it will be years before the GOP sees any major wins in the USA.


They’ll all be named, too. Rep. Scott Perry was only the first.* It will be amusing watching some of the more stupid ones fumble as they try to get ahead of it.

I wish I could be as optimistic as you about the Death Cult Party’s prospects. They’ve pretty much acknowledged that they can’t win in fair and open elections, so they’ve moved into the cheating and disenfranchisement stage. The hearings give me hope that the establishment Dems finally realise they have to fight back aggressively on all fronts, though.

[* Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar are front-runners in the speculation. Andrew Clyde and “Gym” Jordan are also possibilities, as well as obvious morons like Gaetz and EmptyG.]


Absolutely. I don’t normally pay attention to any sort of big government events (SOTU, Presidential address, etc.), yet I watched and will continue to watch this in full.

I’m hoping for inditement’s and ultimately convictions for any member of Congress who was involved in this coup attempt. These fuckers knew what they were doing and will do it again if given the chance.


I’m glad the Committee is recognizing the possibilities of media. The arch-grifter’s voiceover, smarming on about beautiful people, blah blah, so much love, blah blah – while the mayhem ensues – that’s some disgustingly effective TV.


just want to give a shoutout to Officer Edwards, and thank her. her testimony was riveting, and heartbreaking.


I don’t understand why Trump is not in jail.


Because there’s a significant percentage of the population who thinks that he was the best president of all time, and as long as we allow them to be citizens, they get to vote and be represented the same as we do.

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Because while we all know he is responsible for what happened, as the information presented last night made clear, he did not explicitly say, “Ok, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, I need you to mount an offensive on the Capital and take out Mike Pence.” Trump did what he’s done his entire career. He manipulated people into doing what he wanted without telling them specifically or explicitly what to do. There is no smoking gun of him on tape giving a clear and unambiguous order to anyone to do anything surrounding the events of January 6. It’s a case built entirely on circumstantial evidence. Now, enough circumstantial evidence can be enough to convict someone, but it’s tough, and you have to have all your ducks in a row before you start that. Will he ever be charged? I don’t know. It’s probably going to take someone like a Mark Meadows getting threatened with significant jail time to turn on Trump. That hasn’t happened yet. And charging Trump now and building the case as they go along is not a good idea.

The biggest take from last night for me was that it is 100% clear that it was Proud Boys and Oath Keepers behind most of the worst that happened that day, and that their actions were planned ahead of time. It’s telling that they didn’t stick around to listen to Trump’s speech at the rally. They weren’t there for the rally. It’s also 100% clear that they believed they were there because that’s what Trump wanted them to do. I think this is the part that’s the reason Fox News didn’t want to show this. So many of their viewers who weren’t there still believe to this day that the violence was perpetrated by Antifa and BLM, and the videos and testimony last night undeniably show that to be untrue. If I had any family or friends who were Fox News viewers, I would ask them to think about why Fox doesn’t want them to see this. Why are they scared of showing it to you. If it’s all theater and fake news, why won’t they show it to you? Do they think you’re too dumb to figure that out? And if they still wouldn’t watch it somewhere else, I’d keep pestering them, asking them why they’re scared to watch it.


Apparently it’s hard to talk about in some places too.

Naturally the Grifter in Cheese is the exception to that rule.


He’s a natural-born grifter who’s spent a least half a century honing his ability and using his privilege to dodge any responsibility for his criminal and unscrupulous behaviour. He also made half of the American electorate his suckers and a quarter of the American electorate eager marks who’ll sooner go to prison themselves than see him there.

As much as I’d like to see him in the slammer, and as much as this committee is rightfully making the case that he belongs there, I don’t see him spending a moment behind bars.

They get to vote like we do, but more often than not their votes carry disproportionate weight due to our broken-by-design political system.


Well, we haven’t heard the tape yet. Odds are, he probably did say it.


To me this seems calculated. Trump knows how things might shake out and of his family members Ivanka is probably the one he cares the most about, so it’s probable that Ivanka’s statement is a way to get her to dodge a bullet the rest of the klan family won’t be able to dodge. Just a guess on my end tho.

Also i can’t really bring myself to watch the video. Already in the middle of a move and i got enough stress going on :smiling_face_with_tear:


I think he “cares” about her the way someone might care about a favored possession. He’d rend the flesh from her body and make bread from her bones if he thought it would gain him anything, so I don’t see him risking anything to protect her. If it was a calculation, I’m thinking it was on her/Jared’s part, not on his. We’ll see once the social media messages from Truth start getting air time I suppose, since if she did go rogue he’ll not be able to keep his mouth shut.


He’s effectively thrown her under one bus while pushing her out of the way of another.

It’s possible. It stings Biff and leaves plenty of room to go after the two idiot sons who continue to this day pushing their father’s stolen election lie.


Which state?


By accent alone, I would say MS.


Mississippi. But this is really an opportunity to point out how impressive he was as chair. He ably avoided getting bogged down in mind-numbing procedure while still fulfilling his obligations, and brought real compassion and humanity and dignity to the proceedings.

It was a good balance to Cheney nicely assuming the role of the cold-hearted and merciless prosecutor (a role she was born to play).