Why we like fried chicken and vinyl


But that pan only makes enough fried chicken for one person.

Wait, you share fried chicken?!

(Makes fried chicken while listening to Wilco on vinyl)


One of my favorite guilty pleasures (which I restrict to once a year) is Chicken Fried Chicken. Basically it is a schnitzel made from pounded dark meat, and cooked like chicken fried steak.

Served with Champ and a thick gravy with corn, it will change your life.


You should check out the great (and late) author Laurie Colwin’s book Home Cooking (http://tinyurl.com/mdhx7bg). The book has essays on food. Colwin writes that she forgoes single use items in the kitchen (no omelet pans, etc.), except for the Lodge Cast Iron Chicken Fryer.

Another wonderful thing that she writes is that everyone goes back to a single pan just like people go back to the most comfortable sweater.

There’s a free way to experience vinyl:

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I loathe crappy turntables, and the current crop of usb turntables are the top of the crappy heap. I get that he bought one that his kids could use, but I implore all adults and those who care about their vinyl to consider this: most any flea market or Goodwill vintage turntable combined with a new Audio-technica AT95E phono cartridge (randomly chosen for cheapness and good reviews) will sound waaaay better. And it won’t destroy the microscopic grooves in the record with an inferior stylus. The other part of my bias is that if you’re going to make the effort to convert to MP3, do it right. If your amp doesn’t have a turntable input, pick up a cheap turntable converter like a Pyle Pro for $20, and a Zoom H2 portable recorder used for $50. Now you can bootleg concerts and convert your vinyl to nice hi-fidelity sounds that the turntable recommended in this pod-cast could not hope to compare to. Trust me, I am not huffing glue or otherwise addled. It’s the way to do it.


I do have to make several batches but I can have fried chicken for 6 ready, all perfectly hot and delicious with just #8 chicken fryer. It seems the perfect size to me. Doesn’t need a liter of oil to fill, heats up in a decent amount of time, etc.

I have a Griswold chicken fryer to season and then try and I’ll report on it soon. I’ll write and post the fried chicken recipe and process soon.

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Of course I was being facetious, but it really made me want some fried chicken.

Oh, and pics are appreciated :slight_smile:

An electric skillet from a thrift store is more energy efficient for frying chicken. Most come with a thermostat for keeping the oil to temp, and recover of heat is fast.

Screwing around with heat on the stove top is a pain…the thermostat on these skillets keep the oil and temp steady for good home fried chicken.

Also. Look up Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home. recipe for fried chicken. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/02/thomas-kellers-ad-hocs-buttermilk-fried-chicken-recipe.html

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Me too. I wish it weren’t too late to go to Roscoe’s. They’ll be too crowded in the morning, I fear.

I have a bag of chicken in buttermilk in the fridge. I will use mix for the waffles but plan to wake the starter soon in the next few days so sourdough buttermilk waffles will be back on the menu.

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All you say is true, but if a teen today wants to experience music the way his grandparents really did - with a $79.95 fold down “stereo” from Sears or a 4-inch car dash speaker - a crappy ceramic cartridge turntable is the way to go.

Most music today - processed and loudness boosted mp3s, listened to on a smartphone with a pair of $20 earbuds - is still far far better in sound quality than what most people were listening to in the fifties and sixties.


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