Why would a company give free tablets to prisons for inmate use?

Yes technology like this does trickle down. I just ordered an amazon tablet. There is a very clear selling soul to the devil aspect involved in a $19.95 tablet.

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Jpay is the same system that the inmates hacked recently, right?

The hacked tablets have been used at low-security level prisons across the US for a few years now. They’ve been offered through a partnership between CenturyLink and JPay.


At risk of playing devil’s advocate, isn’t the “stamp” to cover the cost of human gatekeepers reviewing all of the communications?

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I wonder what the short term effect would be on America if they stopped the “War on Drugs”.

I guess that there would be a “Peace Divided”, but also a surge in the unemployment figures as private prisons shut down, enforcement officers are laid off, and a tidy chunk of the population is released back on to the streets.

I suppose that the Peace Dividend could be spent on setting up a White Goods and Paint production company to off set the lost output from the prisons and to employ the excess workforce.

I would expect, however, that the 1% would suck up the spare capital, and find some new way to keep the slave labour camps stocked with workers. “The War on Melanin” perhaps?


Isn’t that what your taxes are for? :wink:


At the point where “divide and conquer” stops to work.

Alas, the current mixture of bread and circuses social media, an abysmal educational system, a “you can make it if you try” ideology, and far too many people being already fully stretched by trying to survive, means that this point isn’t just around the corner yet.


I was going to say “Because they haven’t got any money”.

Oh dear. I would totally flunk Capitalism 101.

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Good point! :roll_eyes:

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But the prisons are mostly upstate. Rust Belt Republican country.

Restart the WPA for everyone who is released.

(This is part of my manifesto for fixing the world USA. There’s 10 steps and a PowerPoint to back it up.)

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Direct from the publisher works too. We get several requests directly from inmates every year that we’re more than happy to fulfill.

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Taxes are paid to a government worker, who would do something inefficient like hiring a local expert that was versed in prison security and the culture that prisoner is operating in.

A private solution would allow those communications to be reviewed at a fraction of the cost by an off-shore resource that could process many thousands of communication instances per shift. Plus… Profit!

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