Why writers procrastinate


The three most critical parts of becoming a great writer are (1) reading great writing, (2) writing, and (3) writing some more.

We sometimes rationalize that first part as a form of productive procrastination: ‘Oh, I can’t think of anything write now. I guess I’ll read some John McPhee essays.’

I have no excuse for being here, though.


Hmm. I have absolute pitch, and for a self-taught musician I’m pretty good. Far from pro, but pretty good. The pros are way better, because they’ve studied theory and taken lessons and put in all the hard work, while I’ve basically just screwed around. Many (most?) of these professionals don’t even have absolute pitch. Raw talent can get you off the ground, but it can’t keep you in the air.

What’s with all the Millennial hate? We’ve just begun to shrug aside the GenX hate, but it’s like we’re dumping all that hate right on to the Millennials.

Ass. In. Chair. It doesn’t matter how well you write, just that you’re in the practice of regularly sitting down for distraction-free writing.

  1. Ass in chair
  2. Words on paper
  3. ???
  4. ProfitProbably not profit.

Also, I just caught the omitted ‘to’ in my post above, making it look like I made a pun. I hate puns. But I love errors like this, so I’ll leave it as-is.

And yeah, profit should not be a primary motivation for wanting to be a writer.

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I couldn’t tell if you meant “I can’t think of anything write now” or “I can’t think of anything right now”. Either makes sense.

Play the lottery instead. The payoffs are probably about the same.

You can tell I’m not a writer, I’m not even squeezing right under the deadline to post.

I’m getting tired of the whole, “You were a big fish in a small pond, but now you’re a nobody,” because it’s really trite. Okay, maybe that’s not the right word… It’s so obviously true that anyone who is surprised by this startling revelation has really just been leading a charmed life.

Of course there are a great many more talented people than you out there. It doesn’t matter what the field. Stop treating it as if it’s a profound revelation, stop believing in your own exceptionalism, and hopefully no one gets hurt.

PS: Am I being trolled?

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