Why you don't need 8 glasses of water a day


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“It’s called thirst.”

I’m drinking right now.


More importantly, you do need to consume a sufficient amount of potassium such that you don’t excrete an excessive amount of water, thus increasing your blood pressure and putting you at risk for dehydration.


In other words, the practice of drinking water is utter bullshit!



I’ll drink to that


I eat a healthy diet, mostly fruits, vegs, and grains. I need two liters of water a day to keep me regular. It’s more than I would drink based just on thirst levels, but if I don’t drink that much, I’m very unhappy the next day. YMMV. Someone who eats a typical American diet that’s high in fat probably doesn’t need that much water.


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Don’t forget to take Magnesium, it will help with the gut/intestine issues, REALLY.


Thanks to BoingBoing, I no longer shower, wash my hair, floss, use deodorant, or drink water.

I have so much free time now, especially since nobody will come near my stinky, greasy, plaque-ridden, dehydrated body. Thanks, BoingBoing!


I can smell your rotting corpse through the internet.

[note attempt at humor]


I mostly don’t take (or need) supplements, though I do take a daily multivitamin as a good example for the kids. Gummi-vites all around at breakfast!


Yeah, sorry about that, I know it spreads. One of the side effects of HTML5.

I couldn’t remember if there was an article about not wiping your butt, so I figured I should play it safe and stop that, too.


“It’s to kill the pain”

“But this is painless.”

“You should have told me sooner”


And some forms of magnesium (particularly citrate) can help out a LOT. Sometimes a bit too much. The glycinate form is more restrained in this respect.



Wait, I thought it was eight glasses of gin. No?



I’ve had friends completely look down on me as an idiot because I questioned this “8 glasses a day” idea for years. One acquaintance preached at me how I should cut down sugar in my diet, meanwhile he was drinking quarts of Gatorade every day and justifying it with the “8 glasses a day” theory.


One aspect of the suggested “8 glasses a day” rule that was overlooked is that we do indeed (on average) need to intake that much water daily. But a significant portion of that is already contained in the food we eat. 8 glasses a day doesn’t mean drinking 8 glasses solely, it was meant as a total volume suggested for intake through all ingestion methods.

(This may have been covered by Adam in the video, didn’t have time to watch it now)