Profiles of people who hate to drink water


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Well, yes, some of us are taking the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide serious.

Also, what W.C. Fields said.






Would make for an interesting epitaph I guess. “Here Lies Bob. He refused to hydrate.”


I still can’t get over just how fucked up an idea Leto II really is.


I hated drinking water as a kid until I went on my first trip out of town… and realized how bad the tap water tasted back home. I thought that’s just how water tasted.

These days I drink tons of flavored seltzer.


Water? Never touch the stuff. Fish fuck in it.


Wait until they find out what more than half their body is made up of.


Like from the toilet?


Reminds me of tap water in Philly. I always figured that’s why they have the weird pronunciation “wutter” down there.



I always have a jug of Brita filtered water by my desk.

Nothing goes down easy like warm, filtered water.


Water does make things ■■■■■.



Myth alert: You don’t have to drink 2 litres of plain water per day to stay healthy. Any non-toxic water-based liquid will do the trick (ETA: and you only need to drink when thirsty, without worrying about whether you’ve had the “correct” amount or not).

There are reasons to avoid hydrating with sugar water or juice (because sugar, no matter how “natural” its source, is bad for you) with booze (because alcohol is a poison and leads to impaired judgement) or with tea/coffee (because the diuretic effect can make it a bit unpleasant if you’d rather not pee every hour or so). But all of them have been used as a primary hydration method by billions of people the world over for thousands of years with minimal ill effects (granted, the Romans and medieval Europeans who used wine/beer didn’t have to worry about driving on the highway afterward). And there are scads of other hydration options in the world today that also work just fine.

So, If you hate water, feel free to drink milk or diet soda or whatever works for you. Just don’t be an idiot like the people in the linked story and refuse to hydrate when thirsty if you want to live a long and healthy life.

ETA: clarified two bits, one thanks to @MikeKStar)


About 20% of a person’s daily fluid intake is via food. So it’s not even necessary to drink a bunch of extra fluids.

Just eat when your body tells you it’s hungry and drink when you’re thirsty.


That seems to be the sticking point.


I live in Florida. Need I say more?