Why you should stir your espresso instead of swiriling it

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Something anyone who takes their espresso with a little sugar doesn’t have to worry about.


Answer for some people I know - “Because I spent so much money on a very expensive espresso stirring spoon from Italy that is only to be used for that.”

This also applies to many other items those people own


Pffft. Cocktail shaker or GTFO!

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Diminutive, but hardly expensive.


Trust me that is not the one that they have.

I mean from a physical, materials, manufacturing, and quality standpoint I’m positively sure that it is identical.

But their’s was a bargain at 10 times the price!


This video points out that Bond is making an incredibly watery espresso.

Still, in 1973, I’m sure that it looked exotic.


I wish I had as sensitive taste buds as these people, the kind who can detect all the little tasting notes that wines, coffees, etc claim to have. But maybe it’s also a blessing bc I’d probably be a lot pickier about food. As it stands, I drink a single origin coffee and I’m like, “Yeah this sure is coffee”. And now back to my day old cold cheeseburger.


Taste buds don’t taste floral or smoky or whatever flavours. That’s at the back of the mouth up the nose. That’s why you do that wine tasting gargle thing with the mouth a bit open. Try it sometime and see how you feel about subtle flavours. You can train your tasting just as you can your ears because your brain is the most important part.

I’m not an expert but I have done a college level module on oenology.


Ah, James Hoffman. Helping coffee culture be justifiably pedantic… :sweat_smile:

I mean, you know you’re supposed to be double grinding and blowing off the chaff after the first grind, right???

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When I first started tasting wine, I found it helped to think about what the flavours in my mouth reminded me of. I basically asked myself, “Why do I know this taste?” and thought about it until I realized it was bruised peaches or green peppers (for example).

I’ll never be someone who can identify a varietal or region just by tasting it (I leave that up to my wife), but the work I put into understanding what I was tasting was pretty helpful.

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Washed down with a shot of viecchio romagni. Mmmmmm-hmmmm.


I’m not paying that much for a goddamn spoon

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No one but a logger stirs his coffee with his thumb.


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