Carrying your drinks is a snap with the Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug - now $12.99


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I tried the self-shaking version, but my martinis came out fuzzy and lacked resolution. Two stars.


Cute, but…you’re taking an object that’s cheap and disguising it as one that is expensive and worth stealing. Don’t you usually want to do the reverse?


In the biz, we like to call that “conspicuous consumption.” after all, this is aimed at people who fall into the categories of:


Sounds like a good idea until you drench your SLR in coffee one morning.



I bought this exact one two weeks ago to sneak booze on to a cruise in my camera bag… Ha!!!


I love the look of it and its quirkyness, but in reality, who in their right mind would leave a $600.00 lens on full display in their cup holder. “Would you consider $2.50?”


I think the point of the disguise is to smuggle booze.


I’d be happier with a $1,000 lens that looks like a cup of Dunkin’ donuts coffee…


Haaaaaaaaaa! Yes, that’s right up my alley. That’s funny man.


I bought a similar one a few years ago, although it was not advertised as self stirring.

At a summer picnic I walked outside with the (empty) cup, called out to my guests (two were serious photographers) “Look what I just bought”, then fumbled it and dropped it onto the concrete patio. There were several loud gasps and one woman shrieked.


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