I found a great rechargeable whisk to mix coffee drinks

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I think it’s really brave to drink mushroom powder drinks.

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I have a spoon. It doesn’t need to be charged at all.


I just use a standard whisk to get my morning coffee to foam up. You really want ones that have the simple handle as they’re easier to use for this application, you just place it between your two palms and have it rotate/spin quickly and you can achieve some decent foam in no time. That said having an electric whisk is not the worst thing if it’s multitasking. If you just use it for coffee you don’t need it mate.


I almost wanted to say something similar, but I started thinking about people with carpal tunnel and other issues that make seemingly simple jobs like stirring a literal impossibility and decided hey… good for him for finding something useful, whether or not he needs it.


Oh, absolutely I can see uses for it! I know too many people who need assistive devices to be completely dismissive of it, but it still feels a bit over the top for a gadget like that. (Tell me about it’s general utility as a whisk that’s better than the one that I have that looks exactly like the one @Grey_Devil shows above and I’ll probably receive it with less of an eyeroll.)

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Yeah for sure people who have issues with their dexterity or hand strength would find an electric whisk pretty useful, moreso than a standard whisk like i posted above. For the average person a typical whisk is likely more than fine, my mom was gifted an electric one some years ago and when i’d visit i would use it for my coffee but when it gave up the ghost and stopped working i realized how silly the whole thing was and went back to using ol’ faithful.


These sorts of things are generally much, much better at the job.

I used to use one behind the bar, though i have no clue at all what brand it was (white labeled by our espresso supplier). It was far and away better than any frothing gadget I’ve ever encountered. And I think it made better, stiffer foam than steaming off the espresso machine.

You can also foam milk in a french press if you’re allergic to single use devices. Just insert hot milk and pump the strainer up and down.

If “electric whisk” is the idea I don’t much see the point when hand mixers and stick blenders exist. Many have whisk attachments even where they aren’t needed and they have far, far more uses. Which how is my grandmother handles this sort of thing given her gnarly arthritis.

I’m sure if something as basic as stirring your coffee or tea with a spoon is an issue this kind of frother might have some use. But I’ve yet to run into one that can actually do much, and doesn’t break in pretty short order.

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