Cuissential SlickFroth: Fast milk frother


I’m never having coffee at your house.


Or you could just buy one at Ikea for about $3.00…


I’ll stick to my Turnip Twaddler…


so, what’s wrong with a hand-blender? it’s overkill? what does that even mean? it’s not like we’re dropping white phosphorous onto Gaza. there aren’t any moral issues. washing a hand-blender is the same as washing this piece of trash.

As someone who owns both a $3 frother from Ikea and a $20 hand blender from Cuisinart, I can say the hand blender is overkill when all I want is a nice bit of foam on my coffee.

Also, sticking the hand blender in a warmed pot of milk sufficient for one cup of coffee would result in a large amount of dairy products sprayed all over my kitchen.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t buy this thing, but I definitely don’t regret my $3 Ikea frother. (It’s also great for scrambling 1-2 eggs really, really fast.)

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